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Falcon Lake and Zapata Area Food and Lodging   Falcon Lake Area Motels and RV Parks that cater to the fishing enthusiast, plus Larry's Dining Picks - a selection of restaurants that offer great food and value.

Food, Lodging & RV | Local Legends | History | Falcon State Park


Falcon Lake and Zapata Lodging Facilities   for more info try US Lodging, Texas Sportfishing, or TPWD

Holiday Inn Express (70 Rooms)
70 rooms with Health Club,Swimming Pool, Meeeting Room Rental and Free Continental Breakfast. Boat parking is no

problem but not too near most rooms. Take the Wife Or Girlfriend here.


167 South Us Hwy 83

Sunbridge Inn 28 Rooms


Next to Holiday Inn Express

Boat parking can be a difficult in middle rooms. Ask for a room on the ends. Also good for the Better Halfs.

Best Western Inn By The Lake In Town Location
South Highway 83 at Veleno Bridge, Zapata, Texas
(956) 765-8403 or
57 Rooms - 10 with Boat Parking


Falcon Executive Inn PooL and In Town Location
24 Rooms - 10 with Boat Parking
South Highway 83, Zapata, Texas  (956) 765-6982

Falcon Heights Motel & RV Park- Closest Housing to State Park Area
12 Rooms - Most with Boat Parking

2098 FM Falcon Dam, Falcon Heights, Texas  (956) 848-5229

Lakefront Lodge and RV Park-

Pool & 3 Boat Ramps (Some Levels)- Quiet off Highway Location
17 Rooms - With Boat Parking Microwaves, refrigerator,etc.
Box 5901 Zapata, Tx  78076  (956) 765-4346

Amigo Inn & RV Park

Newly remodeled in 2013

Lots of RV Spaces

New Ownership as of 03-15-2019
8 Apartments - Most With Boat Parking
209 Lake Shore Drive, Box 6405, Zapata, Texas  (956) 765-3095

Lakeview Motel
South Highway 83 at Veleno Bridge, Zapata, Texas
(Old Redwood Lodge Newly remodeled)


Falcon Lake area RV Parks

Beacon Lodge

Cabins- RV Spaces

On the Water!

Low lake level ramp

Four Seasons Mobile Home & RV Resort

Seasonal Ramps
FM 3074, Zapata, TX  (956) 765-4241

Lakefront Lodge and RV Park (See Above-Motel)
Box 5901 Zapata, TX  78076  (956) 765-4346
New Harbor Lodge & RV Park
209 Lake Shore Drive, Box 6405, Zapata, TX  78076  (956) 765-3095

Stinson's RV Park
3299 S Hwy 83

Located on South Highway 83 Stinson's is operated by the Caberas.
They have a combination of pull-thru overnight and long or short term hook-ups totalling 60 or so.

Fenced Outside Boat Storage


These are casual observances from someone who likes good food, and Loves to cook. Service at most any restaurant in Zapata can be spotty, and consistency is a little lacking. There are some great places to eat, and some not so great.

If you want a good steak in Zapata, Bring it with you, or pick one up at the grocery store. Medium (if you're lucky) is about as rare as you can get and the cuts of meat used are thin and not what I'm after. In my opinion, there is not a good steak to be had in Zapata. (See update below.. Eat a steak at Nuffy's) Enjoy the great Mexican food, Chicken Fried Steaks, and huge portions Zapata is famous for.

If you order the large plate of anything around here.. Have time for a nap!


Updated March 2019


Breakfast Tacos Available at virtually all Zapata Restaurants

Some of the best and freshest at Stripes (Big Valero Station)

Huge Taco Bar and fresh tortillas on the spot..

Sometimes there's a line..


Rex Tortilla Factory (Best for Quality & Value)
601 Hwy 16  (956) 765-4748 Open 7 days/week 5:30 am
Closed Xmas, Thanksgiving, NY


(across from Catholic Church) has Tacos (Barbacoa on weekends) and Great PastriesTurn Right off Hwy 83 at Flavio's 83 Drive-Thru

Breakfast Value

Several breakfast taco emporiums scattered throught the town. They tend to come and go too quickly to list .
Steak House
Good Breakfast Specials Voted No 1 by Winter Texans


1896 S. US Hwy 83 - 956-750-3103

Super Fast - Great for Quick Breakfast Pre-Launch

Try the Chicken Chalupas for lunch!


Best Ham and Eggs: Holiday Restaurant
Best hash browns in Zapata, hand shredded
Highway 83  (956) 765-4521

For the big breakfast eater and the best ham and eggs in town, go to the Holiday and order The Fisherman's Special.
For smaller appetites, try the two eggs and ham, a little smaller but also delicious.
Be sure to order salsa, it's best in Town and eggs are not as good without it.

Good Sausage/Eggs Breakfast: 

Steak House, El Parisio or Tinas


Best Salad Bar and Great Daily Specials:

Holiday Restaurant-An Awsome Hamburger Steak
Highway 83  (956) 765-4521

If you like Liver and Onions, this is the place!

One of two salad bars in Zapata, usually a very good selection and great bean soup.
Best Chicken Tacos: El Rincon
Highway 83  
Four chicken tacos (ordered soft) with lots of salsa. Best chips in town.

Caldo de Res: Tina's (Sometimes) and Steak House on Friday
(Homemade pies) 2007 North Highway 83 (956) 765-0068


Best Fried Chicken in Town!

Just across the street from Dollar General at 1101 US Hwy 16 E



El Jarocho


2408 N US Hwy 83

North end of Town

Try the Shrimp Diabla!

Good Food and Service



Tacos El Tejano

708 N US Hwy 83 - 956-765-3362

Opened in or about 2012

Local dishes-Food to go!


El Rincon de los Angeles

Brand New Location- A/O March 2019

1712 N. Hwy 83

Mexican and American Dishes.

Chicken Fried Chicken Breast is Awesome!

Giant Fried Shrimp

Awesome Specialty Plates!



Across the Dam in Mexico New Guerrerro - El Fuente serves great appetizers and shrimp cockktail or garlic shrimp
Capri has good Panchos, mixed drinks and lunch/dinner menu. Capri Restaurant and Motel is owned by Carlos Olivares's (Falcon Heights Motel) parents

Steak and Shrimp, Shiskabobs, Pork Chops: The Steak House
Hwy 83
Lunch specials usually very good unless overcooked.
Consistency is sometimes a problem, but generally very good.
Some of the best cakes in town but again not always available!
Best Chicken Fry Steak
El Parisio, Tinas or Steak House
Non Smokers Need to Try Tinas or Steak House

Cautionary Note: The Holiday has the closest thing to real chips in town. Most of the establishments serve a poor Dorito Knock off. It is a shame that being so close to Mexico the only place that really good chips are served is in Mexico. The closest place is Neuvo Guerrerro. If you are hungary for a good Ribeye Steak, a note of caution is in order. Most of the establishments in Zapata serve a rib steak insteaded of a well marbled, 2 inch thick ribeye. When you try to find out why answers given make no sense. For the most part, Zapata is untouched by truth in advertising as regards size or type of cuts.

Best Drive-Through Food

On Highway 83, Church's (765-6859)and Dairy Queen (765-5591)McDonalds (765-6700 )have drive thrus.

NOTE: Fast Food in Zapata is not always fast!

Light Eaters Special: Grilled Chicken Salad
Tinas with Ranch Dressing
Steak House and Parisio has GC Salad also
Larry's Dining Picks - Dinner
Best Steak & Fajitas: El Jacalito Restaurant
Closed in 2017

Some inconsistency in quality and service usually slow, but best we have in Zapata at present time. Don't even think about going here for dinner if you are on a tight schedule. Sirloins big but not very thick. Try Rib Steak or T-Bone. One of the original Owners Guyme serves a good steak and Baked Potato, but no Bacon Bits and Cheese has to be requested extra.

Mexican Food: 2-Way Tie
El Rincon
, Steak House
Order Tacos medium hard (Midi) or you get the hard Taco Shell

Desserts:Tina's and Steak House have homemade pies and Steak House's Claudia bakes the best assortment of cakes in Texas.
Take a short drive over the Dam into Guerrero and try some of the great authentic Mexican food including a panchos appetizer and margaritas. Quail, when available are good, but do not expect cheap prices. Border cuisine is no longer inexpensive nor are the Mexican perscription medicines. Tony's wife has sold the original Tony's restaurant there in Nuevo Guerrero and the new restaurant is the best place for shrimp cocktails and seafood and appetizers are usually quite tasty..Be sure to check bridge closing times. If you are there after the bridge closes, you will have a scenic drive south to Miguel Aleman in order to return to the states via Roma Bridge. The Super Restaurant was a neat clean little place with great food, but they have closed.

Mexican Food (Real): Capri Restaurant or New establishment one/two? block(s) south of Capri or the new El Fuente a couple blocks west of Capri on the Main Drag. Great Sea Food and Shrimp Cocktails.
Neuvo Guerrero, Mexico
For the some great Cabrito in Mexico, try Tio Pepes in Miguel Aleman (Order Shoulder Meat)

Seafood/Fish: Not much available locally. Scallops and shrimp at Chinese Reastaurant is closest to seafood in Zapata. Steak House has a limited selection and fairly good shrimp there. Catfish available locally at several places including Steakhouse and Holiday.

Best Value: Steak House Senior Menu
or Caldo on Fridays (Sometimes)
Highway 83
Best Fajita Panchos: Tinas
If you have never tried Fajita Panchos, you have missed a real South Texas delicacy. A wonderful thing if ever there was one: Base is tostado chip made from deep fat cooked corn tortilla. Usually with refried beans on top of chip topped with cheese, guacamole, jalapeno peppers and fajitas on top of that. Available at several other places in town, but quality varies. The real original panchos had chorizo mixed in with the beans, but this recipe is served only in Mexico.
Disclaimer: Please note that these Picks and opinions are personal preferences &/or observations only and in no way are they scientifically, statistically or numerically significant or indicative of one restaurant being superior to another in any way. The reality of dining in Zapata is that you must have patience and tolerance for inconsistency. Some try hard, some do not. Some succeed, some fail. Overall the value of food service is good, and in some instances excellent.

Food, Lodging & RV | Local Legends | History | Falcon State Park

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