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February 16-17, 2013: I have not updated this page in quite quite a while.. Have been addressing tourneys more and more on the flash report.. For whatever reason..

There were four or five tourneys going on last weekend, but I have final results from only one.. And that was Ingram Bass club.. Or here's a kind of report .. Thanks Ronny..

Just a quick note to let you know how things tuned out. The fishing was tough to say the least. My daughter Danielle won first with 18+ with just 6 fish, Tommy Moose was second with18+, and John Teich was third with 15+. Everything that we caught was on watermelon red brush hogs and hoo daddies with the tails dyed chartreuse. Hope it gets better soon

 Uvalde, SABC, C.A.S.T., and The American Bass Anglers were also in town.. Most of them struggled as well, but there were several stringers in the mid twenties in several events.. But not a lot to brag about..

November 17-18, 2012: The results for Helotes Bass Club whose 12 members fished Falcon Lake on 11/17 & 11/18 are:

1st place-Felix Huerta-20.32#-6 fish

2nd place-Mike Wimberley-16.76#-6 fish

3rd place-Richard Ball-13.09#-4 fish

This was a three fish limit tourney. All top 3 places fished the Falcon Lake Dam area with topwaters, crankbaits and carolina rigs. Big Bass was 7.42# by Felix Huerta caught on crankbait.

Thanks Charles Parchman for the results!

August 25-26, 2012: The Heart of Texas Bass club was in town over the weekend, for their team tourney championship for 2012: And these guys caught them pretty damn good. Nine teams qualified for the event, and they caught 81 fish for an average of 4.44 pounds.. Sounds more like Falcon..

In the top spot was the team of Albrecht and Johnson, with 61.50 pounds of fish for their two day limit. In second was McBride and McBride, with 57 even, and in third was Seymour and Martin, with 51.60. Big Bass of the contest was an 8.82, caught by the team of Seymour and Martin. Albrecht and Johnson had a 8.43 for the second big bass..

Thanks to all of you who stopped by the store.. I know yall had a good time.. As did we..


June 2-3, 2012: The San Antonio Bass Club was in town, and they had some really good results.

Brian Beck took the top spot with a ten fish limit that weighed 54.18 pounds. In second was Tracy Tolbert, and he also had limits both days for a total of 52.21.

In third was Richard Drake with 50.17.

Dorothy McEowen won the ladies division with four fish for 9.68.

In the junior division, Donivan Salazar had seven fish for 31.73.

And in the Pee-Wee division Rhett Schlaoder had one fish, but it was a good one at 8.83.

Big Bass was caught by Salazar as well, and it went 11.40.

April 21-22, 2012: The Elite Bas Club was also in town last weekend, and they caught em pretty good as well.. They had eleven fishermen come down to Falcon, and here are their results..

After day one, David Glenny was leading the pack with 25.10, and a big fish that went 7.10.

In second was Chad Turner, with 22.14, with a 6.14 mixed in.

In third was Robert Brand with 21.21, with a 6.47.

After it was all over, David managed to back up his first day stringer with another good sack that went 24.05. He had a 8.45 in that one.. His two day weight was 49.15.

None of the top three positions changed, as Chad had 19.05 on Sunday to hold on to second with a two day weight of 40.94.

Robert had 16.45 the second day, and a total of 37.66.

The big fish was not in the top three, and it was caught by Jose Leija. It tipped the scales at 9.10..

There were two other fish caught over eight pounds.

April 21-22, 2012: The Helotes Bass Club was in town over the weekend, and they had some decent results.. I'd also like to commend them on going to a three fish format.. Good Idea..

On Saturday Richard Ball had a great sack of fish that went 20.60. In second was Jon Burke with 13.67, and in third was Steve Ingram with13.24.

After Sundays fishing was done, no one was able to catch Richard, and he finished with 39.16. Dang near a seven pound average..

In second was Steve Ingram with 34.35, and he had a big sack that went 21.11 on Sunday.

In third Was Charles Parchman, with 28.94.

In the ladies division, Gnarm Ball took top honors with 21.56.

Big Bass of the event was caught by Steve Ingram as part of that big sack on Sunday and it weighed 9.70.

Congrats to the winners.. And the also rans..

Here's a pic of the big fish..

March 16-17, 2012: The Permian Bass Club held their Classic on Falcon over the weekend, and had decent results.. Despite some wind to contend with.. It is March.. Here's what happened..

These are three fish limits..

Don Poston won it with a six fish limit that went 37.43.

In second was Lynn Barnes with six for 35.50.

That's all the info I have!

March 3-4, 2012: The CAST south tourney was held last weekend. Here's a report passed along from Richard Standeford. Thanks!

The top 4 places went as follows:

  • 1st - John and Blanche Goin with 37.82lbs
    • They had Big Bass of 11.19lbs and a 6.5lb average for their remaining 4 (WOW)
  • 2nd - Ricky Roberts and Janet Frerich with 35.70lbs
    • They were on fish for 2 days
    • They were anchored by Janet's 9.18lbs big bass
    • She had a 10+ on Saturday
  • 3rd - Larry and Sharon Wilborn with 31.94lbs
    • If there's big fish the Wilborns will find them
  • 4th - David and Tamera Waller with 29.53lbs
    • I guarantee this will be the heaviest non-plaque stringer of the year
    • Their boat ride to weigh-in may have been longer than the trip home
Couples caught fish in a variety of locations with depths down to 20 feet. Big plastics, crank baits and many other techniques were successful. We had a couple weigh 19lbs with 4 fish...unbelievable.

February 18-19, 2012: The Uvalde Bass Club was in town over the weekend, and they had 27 anglers fish on Saturday, and 32 fish on Sunday. The high winds on Saturday kept some of the fishermen off the lake. It was a bitch..

After two days of fishing, Ricky Villarreal wound up on top, with a two day weight of 43.18 pounds. In second was Jimbo Beard with 29.23, and in third was Brian Langner with 18.88.

Big Bass on Saturday was a 9.46, and on Sunday there was a 10.46 caught.

January 30, 2012: The Helotes Bass Club also fished the weekend of the 21st. And with the new year, Helotes has decided to go to a three fish format for all their tourneys. We at FLT highly commend them on this decision, and we would like to see other clubs do the same. Not just for the sake of Falcon, but for every other lake you fish as well..

Felix Huerta took top honors with a six fish total weight of 32.76 pounds. He also had big bass of the event with a 6.98.

In second was Mike Wimberley, with a limit of six that went 30.53. And in third with six keepers was Richard Ball with 29.23.

Team winners were Charles Parchman and Mike Ross with 12 fish for 47.62.

Husband and wife team winners were Ngarm and Richard Ball with 38.17.

January 27, 2012: There were a lot of bass clubs in town last weekend, but the only one that I got a a report from was the Uvalde Bass club.

Here's a report from Ricky McNeil.. Thanks!

Thought I would send the results from our tournaments this past weekend on Falcon. We held a draw team tournament each day but the following results are the individual results for the weekend.

The Big Bass of the Day weighed in on Sat. was 11.53 lbs. and the Big Bass of the Day on Sunday was 10.31 lbs. We had 33 anglers participate each day and we had 7 - 5+ lb. fish weighed, 6 - 6+ lb. fish weighed, 5 - 7+ lb. fish weighed, 1 - 8+ lb. fish weighed, 1 - 9+ lb. fish weighed and 1 ten plus and 1 eleven plus. Most of the fish were caught on jigs, cranks and brush hogs.

Overall the fishing was very good but it was still tough for a lot of the club members. As always, thanks for the hospitality and we will see you next month. The fish on the left in the attached picture #009 weighs 11.53 lbs. and the fish on the left in picture # 022 weighs in at 10.31 lbs.

Ricky Villarreal 10 fish 57.56 lbs.

Mark Leinweber 10 fish 42.61 lbs.

Richard Villarreal 10 fish 39.04 lbs.

Al Haughey 10 fish 36.53 lbs.

December 08, 2011: The San Antonio Bass Club was in town last weekend, and they brought seventeen anglers to Falcon for their december tourney.

In first place after all was said and done, was Wayne Bell, with ten fish for 45.45. In second was Richard Drake with 45.10, and in third it was Glenn Hahn with 38.36.

Big Bass was caught by David Casso with a 9.77.

Not too bad for the way the lake has been fishing as of late.

Thanks Woodie and Don for the report!

The Atascosa Bass Club fished Falcon on Nov. 5th and 6th, and had some good results, although they were not spectacular.

On Saturday Keith Sutherland had a five fish limit for 21.85 pounds for first place. In second was Dub Billings with 20.65, and in third was Craig White with 19.91.

Big fish of the day was also caught by Sutherland and it went 7.05.

On Sunday, the fishing, or the fishermen got a little better, and Pat White took top honors with a five fish limit that went 26.87. In second place was Roger Dove with 25.04, and in third it was Craig White with 21.67.

Big bass was caught by Roger White with a 9.25. He also had an 8.53 in his bag..

Thanks to Craig White for the report!

October 31, 2100: Here's the final results from the Texas Pro-Am held here on Falcon last weekend. It was a well run event and you shoulda been here!

Bobby Peek/Patrick Starnes 9.48 23.09 26.56 49.65

Darrell Denton/Charlie Haralson 7.29 20.56 21.08 41.64

Jason Golihar/Tim Griffin 8.71 24.03 16.58 40.61

Burt Briggs/Wayne Orender Jr. 17.62 22.68 40.30

Gene Glenn/Ram Reyes 8.51 16.48 21.94 38.42

Bryan Robinson/Richard Cremo 6.75 16.72 19.52 36.24

Jorge Cabasos/Ira Lynn 17.40 17.87 35.27

Michael Johnson/Michael Bauer 7.87 19.28 13.13 32.41

Wade Hobaugh/Dean Alexander 12.10 8.84 22.34 31.18

Ron Morlock/Tony Gutierrez 7.93 19.64 8.92 28.56

Sandy Vela/Nicholas Muller 13.77 14.76 28.53

Gus Escobar/Ralph Coggin 11.66 16.78 28.44

Glenn Hahn/Darrell Garza 14.29 13.98 28.27

Kandy Haralson/Byron Albrecht 12.76 12.92 25.68

Randy Glenn/Gary Kaehler 8.41 9.73 18.14

William Huntington/Bubba Haralson 17.56 0.00 17.56

Ralph Celedon/Dustin Taylor 14.74 0.00 14.74

Bob Spann/Scott Barnett 0.00 0.00 0.00

October 26, 2011: The Texas Bass Federation Nation south division held their championship on Falcon Last week. And results were good. They fished a three fish format, which is a damn good idea.. They were also treated to a BBQ dinner on Friday night before the event..

Kevin Spahn caught six fish that went 36.01 to take top honors. He had a 8.25 pound big fish. In second was Dan Rodriguez, who also had a six fish two day limit that weighed 35.65, and he had the big fish of the event with a 9.67 pound whopper. In third was Trevor Rogge, with a limit both days that weighed 34.60. The top six places all had over thirty pounds for the two days.

Eighteen fishermen fished the championship, and they weighed in eighty eight fish, with a 4.40 pound average.

Congrats to the winners!

October 18, 2011: The Atascosa Bass Club was in town as well..

On Saturday, Keith Sutherland came out on top, with a five fish bag that weighed 26.47 pounds. In second was Craig White, with 26.62, and i third was Tinker Pfullman with 24.20. Big bass of the day was caught by Terry Vrana at it weighed 7.25.

On Sunday Craig White came out on top with a bag that weighed 28.48. He also had the big bass of the day with a 9.78. In second was Pat White with 23.40. Neither of these folks are kin to Vanna.. In third was Tinker Pfullman with 21.73.

There were nine members of the club that fished.

The Guadalupe County Bass Club was also in town.. I do not have full results from them but I did hear that on Saturday their leading weight was around 32 pounds, with several stringers around thirty pounds.. I'll post more info if I get it..

October 17, 2011: The Uvalde Bass Club was in town last weekend, and Ricky McNeel sent us this report.. Thanks!

Here are the results of the two one day tournaments that the Uvalde Bass Club held on Falcon this past weekend. Saturday was kind of slow but business really picked up on Sunday. Magnum Flukes, crankbaits, spinnerbaits and senkos were the ticket for most of the members. We had 29 anglers participate in Division I on Sat. and 5 anglers in Division II (Women & Youth). Sunday we had 30 fish in Division I and 5 in Division II. We held a 3 fish limit tournament each day. Saturday we had only one fish weighed that was over 8 lbs., one just over 7 lbs. and two over 6 lbs. and several 5+ lb. fish.; but on Sunday we had three brought in that went over 9 lbs., several 7+, 6+ and 5+. The winning three fish limit on Sunday consisted of two fish over 9 lbs. and one over 6 pounds. Thanks for everything and we will be back next year..

Results: Sat. Oct.15,2011 Sun. Oct. 16, 2011 DIVISION I DIVISION I Jimbo Beard 3 fish 18.03 # Richard Guerrero 3 fish 24.81 # Karl Gager 3 fish 13.17 # Ricky Villarreal 3 fish 22.55 # Javie Martinez 3 fish 12.23 # Jimbo Beard 3 fish 22.35 # Bill Surber 3 fish 12.23 # Javie Martinez 3 fish 16.77 #

DIVISION II DIVISION II Laura Langner 3 fish 7.32 # Stephanie Surber 3 fish 8.24 # Stephanie Surber 1 fish 2.19 # Laura Langner 3 fish 7.50 # BIG BASS OF THE DAY BIG BASS OF THE DAY Jimbo Beard 8.01 # Richard Guerrero 9.88 #

September 27, 2011: Results from the TABC tourney are finalized, and they are as follows. But first let me report on the format.

Teams were made up of eight anglers, two to a boat. Each day all four boats fished, and the top three weights out of the four were counted towards the teams total weight. There were were to be five fish weighed by each boat. So the final weights consisted of a total of thirty fish, if limits were weighed by each.

In first place was Universal city Bass Club, with a cumulative weight of 169.23 pounds. That's a 5.64 pound average per fish. Try doing that somewhere else..

In second was the No Name Bass Club, with a total weight of 163.40.

In third was the Gotta Go Fishing Bass Club with 163.04, and in fourth was the Wildcat Bass Club, with 154.21.

The full results can be found at the TABC site which can be found here.

Congrats to the winners!



September 20, 2011: The SAPD Bassbusters also fished Falcon last weekend, and they had a good turnout as well.

In first place wasDean Amos with a ten fish limit that weighed 52.56 pounds. In second was Sonny Osborne Jr. with 41.35, and in third was Richard Flores with 39.20.

In the woman's division , Susan Osborne had 43.21 to take top honors. Pam Barnes had 27.00 for second, and Jamie Recknagel had 16.10 for third.

A lot of the club stayed off Saturdays fish in anticipation of the next couple of weekends tournaments, as SAPD will be fishing both the TABC and Metro tourneys.

Big bass of the fray was caught by Sonny Osborne Jr. and it went 9.43.

September 17-18: There was a plethora of bass clubs in town over the weekend, and the first one to send me a report was the San Antonio Bass Club. In first place was Richard Drake, with ten fish for 72.18 pounds.. That's pretty salty.. With a more humanesque weight of 59.10, Lehn Duerr finished second with 59.10. In third it was Glen Hahn with 57.35. All these fishermen had two day limits..

Suzanne Hunter took top honors in the ladies division, with ten fish for 33.30.

In the Pee-Wee division, Rhett Schlaoder had eight fish for 23.81. This youngster just caught a 10-7 last week.. You better keep an eye on him.. He might be fishing the open division before too long. Cody Gonzalez had seven fish for 16.70 for second.. Congrats to both junior anglers.

Big Bass of the event was caught by Glenn Hahn, and it went 11.80 pounds..

Thanks Don Pierce for the report..

September 10-11, 2011: The South Houston Bass Club was in town over the weekend, and Warren Mayfield provided this report.. Thanks!

Hi James,

I am Warren Mayfield the tournament director for the South Houston Bass Club. I saw your comment on your fishing report for 12 Sept 2011 and wanted to give you our results for tournament held on Saturday and Sunday morning. We had 14 fishermen in attendance. It was a paper tournament. We fished from 6:45am till dark on Sat and from 6:30am till 11:00am on Sunday. We take our best 5 bass from that period for each anglers weight. Just a few observations…We had 28 bass over 5 lbs which includes 2 over 9 lbs and 4 over 8 lbs. The baits of choice were black/blue jigs, sexy shad deep diving crank baits, and flukes, 10" worms, or trick worms all in watermelon shades. Most fished rocky banks near steep drop offs or bridge pilings. Caught in depths from 3' to 25' depending on time of day. Paul Hopkins took 1st place with 37 lbs 0 ozs / Tommie Payne took 2nd place with 32 lbs 7 oz / Joe Houpt took 3rd place with 31 lbs 9 oz. Paul and Joe were in the same boat throwing the crank baits (almost 69 lbs between them). We had a great time and are already talking about a return trip for next year. I myself will probably be back before the club returns.

Sounds like they had a good time!

August 20-21, 2011: The San Antonio Bass Club was in town, and they had some darn fine results, the way I see it.. Twenty seven members fished the event, and they caught 212 fish that weighed 926.86 pounds, for an average of 4.37 pounds. That is a hellova average for a five fish tourney..

Rodney Marbach out-fished the competition this trip, and he had ten fish for 73.36 pounds to take the top spot. In second was Richard Drake with 64.3, and in third was Glen Hahn, with 58.48. Richard and Glen also had ten fish each..

Heavy fish of the event also ended up in Richard Drakes boat, and it was a whopper at 12.55 lbs..

In the ladies division, Suzanne Hunter had eight fish for 23.72.

In the Jr. division, Donivan Salazar had eight fish for 33.66..

In the Pee-Wee division, Cody Gonzalez had eight fish for 18.82.

Congrats to all the winners and FLT applauds the club for getting the families involved.. Those youngsters can catch some fish!

Thanks Don Pierce for the report!

And thanks to all of you who stopped by the store!

July 23-24, 2011: The Elite Bass Club of San Antonio was also in town, and they had some great fishing as well. The fished a three fish format because of the heat, and I think that is a great idea.

After day one, Pat Key had the heavy stringer with three fish that went 21.01 pounds. In second was was Chad Turner with 18.53, and in third was Jesse Robles with 17.54. But it ain't over till Sunday afternoon, and Brian Hubbard caught a monster stringer that went 26.53, and added to his Saturday weight of 12.87, he had enough to take top honors. Day one leader Pat Key had another good bag that went 15.44, and that placed him firmly in second with 36.45. Jesse had an almost identical stringer on Sunday, with 17.49, and that secured the third position with a two day weight of 34.28.

Brian Hubbard had the heavy fish of the event with a 10.33.

Sixteen fishermen made the trip to Falcon. The club caught 89 fish for a total weight of 372.32 pounds, with an average weight of of 4.18 pounds.

Here is Brian Hubbard with his 10.33


July 23-24, 2011: The Universal City Bass Club was in town, last weekend, and they had some pretty awesome results during their two day affair. In the open division Weldon Pierce had a ten fish limit that weighed 70.84 pounds to take top honors. In second place was John McMahan, with 60.80, and in third it was Scott Hutzler with 60.22 pounds. There were two big fish caught that were both around 10.5 pounds. These were ten fish limits.

Mike Bradley had the big fish with a 10.42, and John McMahan was runner up with a 10.14.

In the ladies division, Jenny Mergle had ten fish for 411.87, and Regina Mix had eight for 32.41.

They brought a good crowd down to Zapata, and we enjoyed visiting with many of the club members and we appreciate your business!

Elite Bass Club of San Antonio was also in town and I hear their results were very good as well. But I do not have their final results as of yet.

June 11-12, 2011: The Helotes Bass club visited Falcon last weekend, but only twelve members made the trip. But those that did were rewarded with some fine fishing. This was a two day event, and when all the weighing was done Bob Buchanan finished on top with a ten fish limit that weighed 41.59 pounds. In second place was Mike Wimberly with 40.05, and in Third was Felix Huerta with 35.30.

In the ladies division the winner was Ngarm Ball with 22.22. There were 96 fish caught with an average weight of 3.33.

Bob Buchanan had the big fish of the tourney with a 7.73.

June 4-5, 2011: The Alamo Bass Club was in town over the weekend, and here's a synopsis of what happened from Bill Freeman.. Thanks for the report!

We fished June 4th and till noon on Sunday. Our club was feeling out the waters around Zapata. We probably didn't go three miles out of the public ramp all on the U S side. We fished all the coves around Zapata. We are a live release club.

We caught 650.96 pounds total with 24 fisherman. On Saturday we only lost 13 fish and none on Sunday. We had 23 fish over 5 #, all but one are back in the lake. Big fish was 8.95. Most of the fishermen were culling around 9 both days. This was a great tournament for all of us and your lake is again all anyone would ask for. I hope this makes your town more prosperous and productive for the future days to come ! Thank You.

May 14-15, 2011: The San Antonio Bass Club was in town over the weekend, and they had some pretty good results. On Saturday Richard Drake caught 32.61 pounds of bass, which included the big bass of the weekend, that went 9.35. Slade Ellis had 23.85 for second, and Joey Perez had 14.63.

I do not have info on other fishermen that might have been in the top three on Saturday. But the top three places remained as stated above, with two day totals that saw Richard drake finish with 66.19 pounds for first. Slade Ellis had a total of 46.34 for second, and Joey Perez had a big bag that went 29.97 on Sunday that gave him a two day total that went 44.60. Respectable fishing indeed.

Rebel Bass Club was also in town, and twenty four members made their way to Falcon. On Saturday, the club fished an individual three fish format, and Wayne Tauer ended up on top with a total of 20.71 pounds. Eric Tauer was in the backseat, and he finished second with 19.71. He also had the big bass of the day the weighed 8.00 even. In third was Earl Lackey with 18.92.

On Sunday the club mixed it up a bit , and fished a five fish team tourney. And the Tauer boys were still on the fish as they weighed a five fish bag that went 34.45. In second was Malcom Kitchen and Ron Creech with 30.13. And in third was the team of Louis Kempf and James Bendele with 29.72.

February 27, 2011: The San Antonio Bass Club fished Falcon and they had some pretty good results. It was a two day event and when all the casting and flipping was over, Richard Drake came out on top. He had a two day total of 43.43.

In second was Rodney Marbach who narrowly missed the top spot, with 42.14. In third was Don Pierce with 35.89.

In the PeeWee division Leonard Gonzales had nine fish for 20.90. Cody Gonzalez was second with two bass for 3.07.

Big bass of the event was caught by Wayne Bell, and it stretched the spring to 9.72.

Thanks Don Pierce for the report!

February 23, 2011: There were four bass clubs in town last weekend. Along with the ABA tournament so things were quite busy here on the lake, at the motels, and and at local restaurants. And of course at the tackle store.. Thanks from all of us..

Helotes Bass Club had a two dayer and and Charles Parchman had two more good days of fishing and his 36.27 was tops on Saturday, and on Sunday as well with 25.39. His two day wining weight was 61.66. He also had big bass of the event with a 12.83.

In second was Bob Buchanan with 32.22 on Saturday and 12.61 on sunday. In third was Mike Wimberley with a two day weight of 32.99.

Sixteen anglers fished the event and while not all of them whacked them, their top weights were pretty impressive..

The Uvalde Bass Club held their second tourney on Falcon this year as well. Jimbo Beard won both days with 29.07 on Saturday and 25.65 on Sunday. Ricky Villarreal was second both days with 19.50 on Saturday and 21.89 on Sunday. He also had Big Bass of the event with a bruiser that went 11.56 pounds. And that is a new club record.. Congrats to Ricky!

Don Fulton finished third on Saturday with 19.15 pounds. And on Sunday Brian Langner had 19.46 for third..

In Div II Laura Langner had 10.34 on Saturday. And she finished second on Sunday with 8.41. On Sunday Stephanie Surber had 17.43 pounds for first, and Thomas Hamaker had 5.25 for second.

The SAPD Bassbusters fished as well and they smacked em pretty good. Sonny Osborne Jr. won it all with a two day weight of 47.87 pounds. Johnnie Barnes III finished second with 42.22, and in third was Don Hendricks with 37.19. He also had the BB of the weekend with a 9.85.

In the ladies division Pam Barnes took top honors with 25.83 pounds. In second was Susan Osborne with 24.99, and in third was Cindy Dill with 12.38.

Best baits reported were W/M Red brush hogs and lizards fished shallow

And last but not least was Ingram Bass Club who always has a good time when they hit Falcon.. But who don't..

Fred Washington led the pack this trip with a two day total of 44.99. He also had the big bass of the weekend with a nice 8.76. In second was Frank Vaden with 40.72, and he also had a near miss for the BB with a 8.56. In third was Ronny Gazaway with 40.40 pounds.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by the store, and thanks to all of you that sent me the reports!

February 7, 2011: The Quality Bass Club was in town over the weekend, and from the looks of it they had a bit of a tough time with the colder water and winds on Saturday.

Trevor Rogge was on the fish and he fished only the first day of the tournament. But he had enough to win it with that effort. He had 20.45, to narrowly beat out Robert Dunlap, who had 19.71. In third was Mike Kinchen with 13.87.

Twelve club members fished, and their average fish weight was 2.92 pounds. Not many limits were brought to the scales, and the big fish of the tourney was caught by Adam Johanson, and it weighed 6.59 pounds.

The Texas Bass Federation also held their first Falcon event of the year over the weekend, and twenty nine fishermen ponied up the cash to compete. The morning started out cool, but by noon it was a pretty picture perfect day.

I do not have full details on the results, but I do know the top three finishers and approximate weights.

Ira Lynn had the heavy stringer of the day, with a big bag of bass that weighed 32.66. James Bendele had 32.11 for second, and Tim Griffin had 26 and change for third. Big bass of the day was caught by yours truly and it went 8.88.

There were a lot of low twentys stringers weighed, and a bunch of teens.

Bass Federation will hold another tourney this Sunday here on Falcon. Registration will be here at FLT on Saturday evening from six till seven. See our tournament page for contact info if you are interested..

January 19, 2011: The Helotes Bass Club was in town over the past weekend, and they had Jeckyl and Hyde weather to contend with over the two days, Saturday was nasty with windy, damp and cool conditions.. Sunday was very nice.. Welcome to Zapata.

On Saturday the fishing was pretty tough, but Mike White had a decent stringer with 18.70 pounds. Charles Parchman was in second with 10.01, and i third was Richard Ball with 6.72.. Doesn't sound like Falcon to me..

On Sunday things got a lot better, especially for Charles as he caught a stringer that went 31.30 and had the big bass of the event with a 9.07. He finished with a two day total of 41.31 and that was good enough for first.

In second was day one leader Mike White who finished wit a two day total of 26.76.

And Felix Huerta caught a good sack on Sunday that got him in the top three overall with 19.73.

Fishing Falcon In January or February is always a crap shoot when it comes to the weather. It was reported that most fish were caught in 8-10 feet of water. W/M Flukes were good and some shallow fish were caught on chatterbaits as well..

November 16, 2010: Sorry it took me so long to get this page updated.. But at least it is not a page I am having trouble with.. Other that getting to it..

There were five bass clubs in town last weekend, but as of now I only have results from two..

UCBC had a good outing, and after talking to many of them it appears that they had a good time at Falcon. David Glenny had a better time than the rest as he ended up on top with a couple of back to back good stringers. He had 15.23 on saturday, and improved to 25.02 on Sunday, giving him the top weight of 40.25 pounds.

In second was Wade Tschirhart who had 17.75 on saturday, and 20.95 on Sunday. That was good enough for second with a two day total of 38.70.

In third was Chris Bradfield, who caught 18.16 on Saturday, and and 18.97 on Sunday. Did anybody see him release his fish on Saturday? His total weight was 37.13. He also caught a whopper that went 10.17 pounds.. But that did not get the big bass money as Howdy Reinhard caught one just a bit bigger that bent the scales to 10.29.

In the ladies division Robin McFarlane took top honors with 18.67 on Saturday, and 14.06 on Sunday. Her total weight was 32.73.

In second Tiana Martinez had 3.14 on Saturday, but figured them out on Sunday with a sack that went 16.17, for a two day weight of 19.31.

In the boys division Garrett Tschirhart had ten fish for 25.53 pounds.

In the girls division Morgan Plocek had six fish for 19.01..

And as always we here at Falcon Lake Tackle commend the club for getting the youngsters involved.

Forty-two members fished the event, and caught 842.89 pounds of fish.

Rebel Bass Club brought twenty five members to Falcon.. Well actually only twenty four.. I was already here..

And like my Daddy always said, even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while. On Saturday I had five for 29.80, and on Sunday the fish were still there and I caught 28.07. Made for a two day total of 57.87. I am trying to deal with the guilt.. But this IS my pond..

Louis Kempf finished in second, after weighing in 25.84 on Saturday, and 13.75 on Sunday. That gave him a two day total of 39.59. Sorry about that front ending job I did to you on Sunday..

In third was Fritz Collier, who caught 12.67 on Saturday, and made a big improvement on Sunday with a bag that weighed 21.56. He had a total weight of 34.23.

I had the big bass of the weekend with a 8.17 on Sunday.

Atascosa Bass Club was also back at Falcon, but only five members fished. They fished two days but fish two separate tourneys for the two days.

On Saturday Terry Vrana had five fish for 22.05 to take the top spot.

Julius Vrana took second with 20.53, and had the big fish of the day and the weekend with a 8.45 pound beastie.

In third was Harper Allen with five that went 15.47.

On Sunday Terry was on the fish again, and he had a limit that went 21.14. He also had the big fish of the day with a 8.23.

In second was Julius again with 14.47, and in third was Craig White with 14.17.

The five fishermen caught a total of 40 fish for a total weight of 142.33 pounds. Average fish weigh was 3.56 pounds.

The Ingram Bass Club was also in town, and they a pretty good time of it as well..

John Teich caught a five fish sack on Saturday that weighed in at 27.80 pounds, and that bag included the big bass of the tourney that weighed 10.66 pounds. On Sunday he had 19.85 pounds, and that gave him a two day total of 47.75 pounds.

In second was Tommy Moose who had a duplicate weight for days one and two, of 21.92 pounds.. Which seems a bit unusual.. But his two day total was 43.84 pounds and that isn't unusual..

In third was Justin Teich, with a Saturday weight of 20.90, and a Sunday weight of 18.80 pounds, which gave him a total of 39.70.

According to reports most of these fish were caught on a spinnerbait in fairly shallow water..

November 9, 2010: The Helotes Bass Club held their November outing at Falcon last week, and while their overall results were not spectacular, their first place finisher had him a tourney to remember. Charles Parchman won the event, with a Saturday weight of 31.63, and a Sunday weight of 31.66. I asked him if he weighed the same fish both days. He finished with a total of 63.29. He also had big Bass both days with a 10.49 on Saturday and a 9.03 on Sunday.

In second was Richard Ball, with a more human sack on Saturday that weighed 15.21, and on Sunday he had 21.32. is two day weight was 36.53.

In third was Felix Huerta with 9.30 on Saturday, and 14.0 on Sunday. He had a total of eight fish for 23.30.

It was reported that most of the top finishers caught their fish on the Mag U-Vibe worm, and on the Mag Fluke and some big worms. Most of the better fish were caught in 10-14 feet of water with brush present.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by the store!

October 28, 2010: The Atascosa Bass Club fished Falcon last weekend, and turnout was quite low, as only five fishermen turned out to brave the elements .

On Saturday Terry Vrana caught five fish for 20.43 pounds. Dub Billings had 20.18 for second, and Craig White had 17.98 for third. Allen Harper had the big bass of the day with a 6.04 pounder..

On Sunday Craig White had the top stringer with a five fish weight of 27.28. He also had the big fish of the day with a 9.18..

In second was Terry Vrana with 17.02, and in third was Julius Vrana with 14.65.

There must have been a lot of Honey-Do's this weekend cause Atascosa usually travels with a lot more members, no matter what is happening.. Thanks for the report!

October 12, 2010: I got results from a couple of the tourneys held here last weekend, and here they are..

Tim Griffin won the South Texas Five Championship tournament with a two day weight of 59.36 pounds. He also had the big fish of the event with a 7.41 pound fish.

In second was the team of Ball and Vela with 39.66, and in third by just a scosch was Glenny and Parks with 39.39. There were several seven pound plus fish caught, but no fish made the eight pound mark. Only nine teams fished the championship.

In the Capital Bass Club contest nine teams competed. And I do not have names but I do have some weights. It took 73 pounds (20 fish) to take the top place, and 53 and 52 pounds took second and third. Stan Kaminski caught the big bass of the event and it weighed in at a whopping 11.82 pounds. Here's a pic of Stan and a couple of his big fish. That's a Rosie!

I'll post more details as I get them..


August 14, 2010: Atascosa Bass Club fished Falcon last weekend, and while turnout was a bit lower than normal, their results were. They caught em pretty good.

Atascosa fishes two one day events in most of their outings, and this one was no different. On Saturday the Pfullman's found the fish and Tinker found the biggest ones. He had five for 26.28 and a big bass that went 8.47. Shane also had a solid bag of fish that went 25.47. In third was Dub Billings with a limit that went 22.42.

On Sunday Craig White took the top spot with a full bag that weighed 24.68, which included the big bass of the day that weighed 8.19. In second was Shane Pfullman with 21.46, and in third was Terry Vrana with 18.9.

Only eight fishermen braved the heat this time around. There were 60 fish weighed in for a total weight of 249.64, for a 4.16 pound average.. Do that on any other lake..

Thanks Craig for the details..

August 14-15, 2010: UCBC fished Falcon last weekend, and they had some pretty good results. Thirty eight anglers made the trip, and most of them found some fish. Of course some did better than others.

Jeff Mergle had a great two days of fishing, and he finished in the top spot with a two day total of 47.41. He had 24.11 and 23.30 respectively.

William Edgar had the heavy one day stringer of the event, with 27.46 on Saturday. On Sunday he managed 18.45, which put him in second place overall.

Weldon Pierce 17.03 on Saturday, and 21.39 on Sunday. That gave him the third spot with a total of 38.42.

In the Ladies division, Jenny Mergle had 19.24 on Saturday, and and 13.20 on Sunday for a two day winning weight of 32.44. She actually put Jeff on the fish I hear.

In second was Tiana Martinez with 13.32 on Saturday and and 13.98 on Sunday. That gave her a two day total of 27.30 for second place.

Big Bass of the tourney was caught By Chris Komkowski, and it weighed in at 9.18 pounds.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all of you who stopped by the shop. See you next time.

July 29, 2010: The Helotes Bass Club fished Falcon on the 10 th and 11th, and I have failed to post the results of their contest.. But in my defense, I have been busy.. Some goofing off but fighting with the water masters has pretty much consumed my time.. But anyway..

Richard Ball had a very impressive two day weight of 39.44 pounds to to take top honors at this event. And I am sure Ngarm was letting him have the front of the boat, as she finished second with a nice weight of 30.50 pounds. In third was Charles Parchman, who ended up with 24.38.

Big Bass money went to Darrell Wimberley who managed to get a 6.26 pounder in the boat.

There have not been big numbers of big bass showing up as of late..

In the Junior Division Andy Wimberley had 9.44 for the top spot.

Thanks Richard for the report..

June 22, 2010: The South Texas Five circuit made it's second visit to Falcon over the weekend, and the top weights were pretty impressive. Tim Griffin who fished solo had the heavy sack of the day, with a hell of a bag that weighed 39.90, which included a big fish that went 8.36.

In second was the team of Herzog and Kirchoff who had 28.78, and they also had the big bass of the day with a 9.44.

And in third was Sosa and Gutierrez, with 26.88.

There were only 17 teams that fished the event.

June 18, 2010: The Atascosa Bass Club was in town last weekend, and fourteen fishermen took to the water. On Saturday Craig White took top honors with a five fish weight of 26.97 pounds. In second was Tinker Pfullman with 26.91, and in third was David Johnson with 16.96. Wayne Billings had the big bass of the day with a 7.75 pound hog.

Atascosa fished two separate tourneys, and on Sunday, Craig White once again led led the pack with five fish for 20.33. He also had the big fish of the day with a 6.32 pound fish. In second was Tinker Pfullman again, with 15.90 pounds. The only change in the top three from day one was the third place finish of Shane Pfullman, who brought 11.53 pounds to the scale.

Windy conditions greeted the anglers and fishing was a little tough. And fishing any open water was a pain. If possible at all..

June 17, 2010: I finally got the final results from the API tourney, and they are as follows..

First Place went to Mike Bauer and Ed Hancoff, with a two day weight of 40.79. They also had big bass of the day on Saturday with a 9.55.

Second place went to Wesley Ialacci and David Perciful, with 40.62.

In third was Joey Gutierrez and Albert Sosa, with 38.00.

Fourth place went to Mutt McNeil and Steve Macek with 37.92.

And in fifth it was Gazaan Gonzalez and Giovanni Gonzalez with 34.49.

Kevin Cooper had a 9.51 for big bass on Sunday.

These weights are two day totals, and contestants weighed in three fish each day. The winning stringer averaged 6.79 pounds per fish.. The API puts on one hell of a tourney, with lots of food and fun.. You should try it next year if you get the chance. And thanks for letting us be involved..

June 3-4, 2010: Alamo Bass Club was in town over the weekend, and they had about twenty members fish the two day event here on Falcon. They weighed in at the state park both days. In the open division Russell Foreman delivered a knock out punch to the competition, weighing in 44.28 pounds of fish for the two days. He also had the big bass of the event with a 9.52 pound beastie.

In second place was Clarence Schrarz with 30.37, and in third was Will Foreman with 26.63.

In the women's division Rebecca Saxon took top honors with 21.51. Vivian Schwarz was second and Janie Scarborough was third.

Some folks struggled to catch limits each day, and Sunday appeared a bit tougher. Thanks for the results guys..

May 22-23, 2010: Rebel Bass Club brought its crew to Falcon over the weekend, and 24 anglers fished the event. Due to the warm water, a three fish format was implemented. Good Idea.. The club weighed in at the state park on Saturday, and at the county ramp on Sunday. High winds were endured by by the fishermen on both days, and fishing much open water was pretty tough.

Greg Westall Sr. ended up on top of the pack, with two good bags weighed in. He had 15.07 on Saturday, which was good for third place after day one. But on Sunday he had a hellofa bag, with three fish that weighed 24.01. That gave him a two day weight of 39.08 for six fish. That works out to a 6.51 pound average. He also had the big bass of the day on Sunday, with a beautiful 9.70. His winning stringers came out of the Veleno.

In second was Scott Saltz who was the day one leader with 18.89, and he put together another good bag to back it up, with 12.95 on Sunday. He had the big bass of the event with a 9.90 on Saturday. His total weight was 31.84 pounds.

In third was Brad Saltz, who had 12.98 on Saturday, and he had 16.01 on Sunday for a total of 28.99.

In fourth was Greg Westhall Jr, who was in second after day one. He had 18.33 on Saturday, and 10.56 on Sunday, for a total of 28.89.

Looks like the Westalls and the Saltzs are going to buying the beer..

Average fish weight was 3.75 pounds. Remember this was a three fish tourney so the average weight is slightly skewed toward the high side. Falcon tourneys as of late have been averaging about 3.25 pounds per fish. Thanks to all who stopped by the shop..

May15-16 2010: The San Antonio Bass Club was in town over the weekend, and there were a few good stringers weighed in. Kevin Reissig took top honors again, with a very impressive two day total of 67.73 pounds, that included a near forty pound sack on Sunday. He also had the big bass of the event with a 9.54 whopper. In second was Glenn Hahn with a very respectable 43.74, and in third was Richard Drake with 39.78.

In the ladies division, Kathy Woodruff took top honors with 2.64 pounds. In the junior division, Donivan Salizar had 37.13. Might be time to move him up with the big boys.. Dylan Orne had 17.48. In the peewee division, Cody Gonzalez had 20.86. Sounds like there a good batch of young fishermen in this club. Congrats to SABC for getting the youngsters involved.

There were also three other bass clubs in town, but I did not get the final results from any of them. SW Research, Freedom, and McAllen bass clubs also fished.

April 18, 2010: The Texas Bass Federation Nation fished their April event here on Falcon last weekend, and they had some pretty good results. They fished a three fish format, which is a good idea this time of year. Our water temps are getting in the mid to upper seventy degree range.

Chuck Hauck finished on top in the event, with a three fish limit that weighed 21.55 pounds. He also had the big fish of the event with an 8.32 pounder.

In second was Kevin Reissig, with a bag that went 20.86. I third was Tim Griffin, with 20.56 pounds. Craig Crim had 19.68 for fourth, and Jimmy Johnson had 17.37 for fifth place.

Chuck on left, Kevin on right.

March 27-28 2010: The Atascosa Bass Club fished Falcon last weekend, and they had some decent results, though no records were broken. On Saturday, Pat White came out of retirement to put it on the rest of the crowd, and she had five fish for 19.61 pounds.

In second was Julius Vrana, with five for 18.05, and in third was Tinker Pfullman with a limit that went 16.73.

On Sunday Shane Pfullman had the best stringer of the weekend, as his best five tipped the scales to 20.04. In second was Tinker, with 18.25, and in third was Terry Vrana, with 15.63.

March 13-14 2010: The Helotes Bass Club visited Falcon over a nice weekend, with low winds and nice warm temps. And the fish were very active. Twenty two members took to the water, and when all the fishing was done, two veterans came out on top. Charles Parchman and Hassell Maltzburger won the team heavy stringer, with 67.65 pounds. That's a twenty fish total I believe.. Heavy stringer for husband and wife was Ngarm and Richard Ball, with 39.92 pounds. Big Bass of the event was caught by Chad Bachhofer, and it weighed in at 8.76 pounds.

Individual heavy weights we as follows:

Charles Parchman 44.32 pounds

Scott Caro 27.75 pounds.

Bob Buchanan 27.08 pounds.

The club weighed 154 fish for a total weight of 463.51 pounds. That's an average of 3.01 pounds.

Always good to see you folks and thanks for stopping in!

February 21, 2010: The Texas Bass Federation Nation held their one dayer on Falcon the day after Bass Champs, and it also took a hell of a stringer to win it. Charles Whited brought in the best of the best with a five fish bag that weighed 38.89. In second was Mike Harman with a 37.09 stringer. Mannie Lackey finished third with five that went 24.76. Pretty impressive weights.. Big bass was a 9.45 caught by Chance Hundley.

February 9, 2010: There were several clubs that fished Falcon Last weekend, but I only have reports from one so far. San Antonio Bass Club fished with some decent results. Kevin Reisig had 10 fish for 50.01 to take top honors. He also had the big fish of the event with a 8.86 sow. John Gallas had 36.81 for second, and Wayne Bell had 7 fish for 32.73.

In the ladies division, Kathy Woodruff had six fish for 19.13. In the junior division, Donivan Salizar had three fish for 10.18. And in the the Pee-Wee division, Travis Saenz had four fish for 11.73, and Christopher Armstrong had one fish, but I did not get the weight.

January 27, 2009: There was certainly no shortage of clubs in town over the weekend, and I have sketchy results from a few of them but no full blown reports.

River City Bass Club out of Austin had a team event, where ten fish a day were weighed I understand. And after day one a weight of nearly fifty pounds was leading it.

Uvalde Bass Club's Jimbo Beard won both days of their two day event, with around 17 pounds on Saturday, and the low twenties on Sunday.

I did get results from Helotes Bass Club, and on Saturday Doc Ingram had the heavy bag with twenty pounds and change. Bob Buchanan had eighteen and change, and Charles Parchman had sixteen plus.

On Sunday Bob again found the fish and he weighed in a good sack to finish with thirty five pounds plus for the two days. Doc Ingram finished with thirty three pounds, and And Mike Wimberly snuck into third after day two with a total of twenty six pounds. Charles slipped to fourth, by .10.. It's a game of ounces.. Thanks Charles for the report.

I hear that a variety of baits caught fish, and the wining stringer came out of the Salanaias in 10-15 feet of water.

January 3, 2010: The South Texas Five tournament was held over the weekend, and only twenty two teams fished the event. I really thought there would be more interest, and so did the organizers, but that's all that put down their money..

Too bad too as there were some awesome stringers weighed in.. Garrett Nies and Chris Conner had the heavy sack of the day, and it stretched the springs to 36.69 pounds. Holy Cow! Congrats guys on a great bag of fish.

In second was Fewell and Holding with five fish that went 32.01. They had a big bass that weighed 8.96. In third was Tim Griffin, who fished alone, and he had five for 30.48. In Fourth was Flores and Castillo, and they had the big fish of the day that went 10.79, and it added to their stringer that went 29.90..

As you can see there were some pretty awesome stringers caught, and a lot of the FLW fishermen are drooling.. We'll see how they do pretty darn quick..


November 14-15, 2009: The Hawg Hunters of San Antonio fished Falcon last weekend, and they brought thirteen fishermen to the event. They used a paper format, and they caught 92 fish for 309.88 pounds, which works out to a 3.37 pound average. First place weight was 49.92, second was 38.04, and third was 35.29. Big fish was a 9.91.. Sounds like these guys had a really good time and they all caught fish. Thanks to Bret Jenkins for the report!

The Atascosa Bass Club was also in town over the weekend and they also had some decent results. On Saturday, Terry Vrana easily eclipsed the rest of the field with a bag of fish that weighed in at 30.37 pounds. He had two sevens in the sack along with some other quality fish. In second was Shane Pfullman, who also had a great limit that went 24.53. He had a 7.44 big bass. In third was Craig White, who had 22.49, and he had the big bass of the day that went 7.80 pounds.

On Sunday, Shane once again was on the fish, and he took top honors with a limit that went 21.61 pounds. Craig finished in second with 20.53, and Sheila Meyer, who was the only lady fishing the event, came in third with 18.21. She also had the big fish of the weekend with this nice 8.97 pound fish.

October 28, 2009: The Atascosa Bass Club fished Falcon last weekend also, and on day one Craig White took first with a five fish limit that went 24.60. In second was David Meyer with 26.04, and Dub Billings rounded out the top three with a bag that went 18.63.

On Sunday Ted Wayland found the fish and he had a limit of fish for 28.48 pounds. In second was Dub Billings who had 20.55, and in third was Craig White with 19.55 pounds.

There were 12 fishermen on Saturday, and 11 on Sunday. There were 102 fish weighed for a total weight of 338.36 pounds, for an average weight of 3.31 pounds.

October 28, 2009: The final results from the Bass Federation are as follows. Tim Griffin with 63.79, Derick Kuyrkendall second with 44.63 and Jimmy Johnson finished third with 44.49. Big bass of the event was also caught by Tim Griffin on day one and it went 9.77 pounds. There were four fish caught over eight pounds in the event.

October 26, 2009: After day two of the Bass Federation Championship, the top place on the leader board did not change. Tim Griffin was able to bring about 28.5 pounds of fish to the scales on day two, and he had 63 plus pounds of fish for the two day event. In second, by hundredths I hear, was Derick Kuyrkendall, with 44 plus pounds, just ahead of Jimmy Johnson who also had 44 plus.. I will have the full final results posted ASAP.

October 25,2009: After day one of the Bass Federation Championship, a lot of fishermen have a lot of ground to make up. Tim Griffin brought a monster sack of fish to the scales that went some thirty five pounds. The second heavy stringer weighed in at twenty six plus, and third in the twenty five pound bracket. I apologize for the lack of names but I will have them soon. That lead is a mountain to climb, but this is Falcon, and anything can happen.

October 19, 2009: Ricky McNeil of Uvalde bass club e-mailed me the final results from their tourneys last weekend.. Here they are.

The Uvalde Bass Club had 32 participants each day of our tournaments this past weekend on Falcon. Saturday the club weighed 92 fish for 279.95 lbs. for an avg. of 3.04 lbs. per fish. All the fish were released alive and we had two dead fish on Saturday. Sunday saw 77 fish brought to the scales for a total weight of 271.50 lbs, an avg. of 3.53. lbs. per fish. All were released alive and we had one dead fish on Sunday. In two day of fishing the Uvalde club weighed 169 fish and we only had a total of three that were dead and we released 166 alive.

Results: Sat: 1st place Beard - 37.07 lbs. Big Bass on Saturday: Beard 8.95 lbs.

2nd place Ricky Guerrero - 21.91 lbs.

3rd place George Franklin - 21.32 lbs.

4th place Pete Arredondo - 17.45 lbs.

Sun: 1st place Beard - 35.97 lbs. Big Bass on Sunday: Beard 9.72 lbs.

2nd place Ricardo Guerrero - 32.23 lbs.

3rd place Howard Ponish - 22.22 lbs.

4th place Ricky Villarreal - 17.58 lbs.

I am attaching the pictures of the winners in order of their finish. We enjoyed our trip to Falcon and the weights that Jimbo brought to the scales were records for the Uvalde Bass club. 37.07 lbs. for one day was a new record and the total for two days of 73.04 lbs was a new two day record as well. The club on Sat weighed three fish over 8 lb, two over 7 lbs, two over 6 lbs, and five over 5 lbs. Sunday saw one over 9 lbs, one over 8 lb, four over 7 lb, three over 6 lbs, and four over 5 lbs. Keep up the good work and we will see you next year.

Thanks Ricky!

Jimbo Beard 37.07 on Sat.

Ricardo Guerrero (left) 32.33 on Sunday.

October 17, 2009: The Uvalde Bass Club is here this weekend, and I stopped by the weigh in this afternoon. Jimbo Beard had a hell of a stringer to win today's tourney, as he weighed in five fish for 37.07 pounds. He had a big bass a little under nine pounds. I must apologize as I forgot my scratch pad. But second place was a bit over 22 pounds. I'll post the full report ASAP with all the top weights and names. Here's a couple of pics from the weigh in..


September 21, 2009: UCBC also fished over the weekend, and and in the open division Weldon Pierce took top honors with a two day, ten fish limit that weighed 51.27 pounds. That's pretty salty.. He had a big bass that weighed 7.18. In second was John McMahan, and he also caught the heck out of them with a limit that weighed 42.78. In third was John Miller and he had 42.11. He had a 8.25 big fish. Big fish of the of the weekend was caught by Harvey Holmes, and it weighed 8.92. Congrats to all the anglers..

In the ladies division Jenny Mergle had eight fish for 26.79 to take top honors. Helen Freeman had a limit that went 21.81 for second.

This info was gleaned from the club website. Sounds like the club is on some fish headed for Metro.. Good Luck Guys!

September 21, 2009: There were a plethora of clubs in town over the weekend, and the pre-fishing for Metro was in full swing. Although all the clubs used the weekend as monthly tournament. I have a couple of the clubs results so here goes..

San Antonio Bass Club was here in full force and they once again fished a paper tournament. It's good for the fish, and easy on the fishermen. I like it.. Payden Tolbert caught his limit of ten fish for both days, and he had an incredible 70.29 pounds, and I hear he had 40 pounds on Saturday. Kevin Reissig had 53.69 pounds for second, and in third was Glenn Hahn with 47.61. In the ladies division Kathy Woodruff had two fish for 5.70 pounds. Deron Hunter had the big bass of the event with a fish that charted out to 9.87. That's some pretty impressive numbers. And while some argue over the accuracy of the paper events, all I can say is, "Hey.. we're all playing by the same rules." And those fish are still swimming.. There were 106 fish caught, for a total weight of 429.32 pounds. That's an average weight of 4.05 lbs per fish.

Rebel Bass Club brought 21 members to Falcon, and they fished two, one day tourneys, with a three fish limit. On Saturday, James Bendele had three fish for 24.93 pounds, and the big bass of the day that went 8.89. In second was Louis Kempf with 18.31, and his big fish went 6.75. In third was Kenny Witek with 18.07. Average fish weight was 3.95 pounds.

On Sunday, Kenny was still on the fish and he boated a three fish limit that went 20.02, and he had the big fish of the day with a 8.18. In second was Debbie Hunter with14.44 and a big fish that weighed 5.88. Louis Kempf stayed in the top three with a bag that went 12.84. Average fish weight was 3.67 pounds on Sunday.


August 29-30, 2009: There were two bass clubs in town over the weekend, and both had good outings the way it sounds to me. Atascosa Bass Club had fourteen members fish their event, and once again Craig White took top honors both days. O Saturday he had 29.31 pounds, with a 10.23 kicker. On Sunday he had 25.08. That's a 5.43 pound average.

On Saturday Dub Billings 23.38 for second, and and Dick Mittanck had 21.84 for third.

On Sunday Ted Wayland had 24.92 for second, with the big fish of the day at 7.58 pounds. In third was Dub Billings with 24.20. He also had a seven pound plus big bass.

SAPD Bass Busters also held their monthly tournament last weekend on Falcon, and they had some great stringers weighed in. After day one, Johnny Barnes III had 26 lbs and was in first place. In second was Sonny Osborne Jr. with 23 pounds, and in third was Dean Amos with 21 pounds.

But when all was said and done on Sunday afternoon, Richard Flores came from back in the pack to win the two day event. He had a 33 pound sack that gave him a two day total of 53.24 pounds. Barnes III finished with 46.56 pounds to take second, and Sonny finished in third with 37.77 pounds. Richard had the Big Bass of the weekend with a 7.79 pounder.

In the Ladies division Susan Osborne had 30.80 to take top honors. In second was Pam Barnes with 26.18, and in third was Jamie Recknagel with 23.89.

It is reported that most of the fish caught were the product of flipping trees and brush.. Go Figure.

Thanks to all the folks that came by the store this weekend!

August 22-23, 2009: San Antonio Bass Club held their club meet on Falcon, with some pretty amazing results. There was a new two day club record set, and it was caught by one of their junior members. Payden Tolbert caught ten fish in the two day affair that went 68.96 pounds, and that included a Saturday weight of over 41 pounds. Yikes..

Kevin Reissig had 63.52 for for second, and Deron Hunter had a bag that went 55.58 pounds. Big bass of the event was caught by Rodney Marbach, and it weighed 11.14.

Chris Armstrong won the Pee-Wee division with 2.24 pounds. Another young man ruined.. Kathy Woodruff won the ladies division with 7.68 pounds.

This event was a paper tournament, and I commend SABC for putting the fish first during the hot months here on Falcon.

You can see their full results here.

June 29, 2009: The Universal City Bass Club fished Falcon the weekend of the 18th and 19th, with some pretty good results. In the open division Alan parks had a two day ten fish limit that weighed 44.49 pounds. In second was Tom Mix with a limit of fish that went 42.35. In third was Robert McFarlane with ten fish that tipped the scales to 40.52.

In the ladies division it was Jenny Mergle who came in on top with a two day limit that weighed 34.69 pounds. In second was Regina Mix, who had a limit also that went 31.20.

Dillon McHardy had 12.09 pounds to take top honors in the boys division, and Katie Mergle (The big one got away) had 9.0 to the the girls division. FLT salutes UCBC for getting the families involved!

June 27-28 2009: The Atascosa Bass club fished a two dayer over the weekend, and Craig White had a good go of it.. He had 29.47 on Saturday, and 26.11 on Sunday. David Meyer had 23.10 on Saturday, and 21.12 on Sunday. Shane Pfullman had 19.23 and 19.85 respectively.. Not everybody caught a bunch of fish, but the top places had some nice stringers. Big Bass was also caught by Craig and it weighed 10.37.

June 13-14, 2009: The McAllen Bass Anglers were in town for the weekend, and Jess Valadez provided this report! Thanks!

Falcon Lake, June 13 - 14, 2009 - Excellent results out of Falcon this month! It was a hot one but, this was the largest turn out of members (Twenty-two) participating in this individual event. Most members weighed in the tournament limit of three (3) fish and the club still managed to bring in the heaviest weight and the most fish (99) to date at Falcon. Despite the heat, only six (6) fish were weighed in dead. Mando Fuentes brought in the heaviest combined stringers to garner first place honors with a total of 29.99 lbs for the two days. Lalo Alvarado came in with stringers totaling 24.89 lbs to finish second. Richard Simon brought in the big fish of the tournament weighing in at 7.20 pounds. Congratulations to all three anglers!


June 15, 2009: It appears that I have been pretty lax in getting this page updated.. But I did put the API results on the main page.. Alamo Bass Club was in town the weekend of the 6th and 7th, and I just uncovered the results under a pile of other stuff I had lost.. It's hell to get old.. But I guess it beats the alternative..

In the open division, Bryan Jones took top honors with a two day sack that weighed 33.74 pounds. He had eight fish total. In second place Charlie Ormand had seven fish for 25.12 pounds. Becky Saxon finished in third with a nine fish bag that went 24.24..

Connie Almquist finished second in the women's division and Matthew Squires had 7.19 in the teen division.

They had a pretty good turn out and despite the low fish counts it appeared they had a pretty good time. Thanks for stopping by the store folks.. And thanks for the results sheet!

Uvalde Bass Club was in town this past weekend, and they had some pretty darn good results on Saturday, despite fighting a lot of high winds. Both Sat and sun were good kite flying days..

Jimbo Beard won the Saturday event with a five fish limit that went 28.49 pounds. His big fish weighed 7.09. In second was Donnie Moore with a 25.33 pound bag and he caught the big bass of the day with a 8.33 pounder. Gilbert Ayala had 19.78 to take third place, and Ricky Villarreal finished fourth with 15.54. They had 34 members fish the division one bracket on both days.

On Sunday, (Uvalde fishes two separate events) Josh Hiler took top honors with a limit that went 19.05 pounds. Jimbo Beard took second with 18.77, and rounding out the top three was Howard Panish, with 17.06. Jim Easley had the big bass of the day with a 7.96.

June 4, 2009: The API tournament is this weekend and it looks like there are about forty teams expected to fish. All events will take place at Beacon Lodge, with weigh in at 3:00 on Sat and 1:00 on Sunday.

April 18-19, 2009: Bass Champs and Federation were in town over the weekend, and Bass Champs web site has a good story and pics of the winners along with their results.

May 16 - 17, 2009 McAllen Bass Anglers: This tournament produced very good results in terms of numbers of fish caught, the highest this year at Falcon. Ten Teams (Twenty members) participated in this two day team event. All but one team weighed in a limit of five (5) fish on at least one day and there were six (6) teams that caught a limit on both days. The team of Jess Valadez and JJ Garza brought in the heaviest combined stringers to garner first place honors with a total of 33.38 lbs for the two days, the highest winning weight thus far this year at Falcon. Dezi Lopez brought in the big fish of the tournament weighing in at 7.74 pounds. However, no Big Bass Award was handed out for this tournament. Congratulations to both anglers!

Report courtesy of Jesus Valadez. Thanks!


The Bass Federation tournament was a three fish event, and there were 38 fishermen participating. Jimmy Johnson brought 20.31 pounds to the scale to take top honors. He had a 7.21 for his big Bass, so you can see that he caught all nice fish. In second was Tim Blanchette, and he had a total weight of 17.20, with a big bass that went 8.53. In third was Forrest Wilson, who had the big fish of the event, with a 9.21 pound pig, and a total weight of 16.92. There were ten fish weighed over six pounds.


March 28-29 2009: These guys did a much better job describing their tourney than I could.. And they can spell!

James, As promised, here's our report for our Club Tourney. In my opinion you can bump the fishing from 6.5 to 7.0. Hope to send you a few pics in the next day or so.

Thanks for the tips, we found them in 2-3ft of water on SOB Tilapia Spinners and Tilapia colored Traps (Strike King - Bought the last one you had - Thanks!) for a quick limit of 2-3lb fish, Kickers were found in 10-15ft of water on C/R's on windy points. Hope you enjoyed the cigars. (Very much, thank you!)See you again soon, as I plan on being back in the next 30 days for fun fishing. Please feel free to post the article below:

It seems every Austin Bass Club (oldest Bass Club in Texas, est. Sept 1960) event held on Falcon has been thrown a curve ball by Mother Nature to add to the challenges contenders face on tournament day. March 28 and 29 was no different as 10 teams went to meet their destiny at the Beacon Lodge for the event all look forward to at this time of the year. Some members wait all year to save and attend this only to sometimes find conditions not conducive to what we sometimes take for granted. The wind blew the first day to keep anglers from running the lake to areas where they normally like to go. It was a little chilly in the morning to warming up by the end of the day. Water temperature seem to stay in the 65 degrees mark in the morning and warm up to over 70's by afternoon. The wind came out of the North Saturday and Sunday was a 180 degree turnaround and came out of the southeast. The temperature Sunday morning was around 45 and warmed up to in the 80's. Do you think these conditions added to the frustration of the anglers?

As the contenders began weighing their catch, not many limits were seen. Of the twenty members that participated only eight brought in limits for the first day of the two day event. They weren't the average Falcon creels, the bag weights were much smaller than normal for this time of the year especially when the fish were in the spawning stage. There were only two individual weight sacks over the 20 pound mark on the first day with Team Mike Whitten and Jim Brown with their total creel being 46.35 lbs. The next closes were Bobby Landes and Denis Parish with total team weight of 24.58 pounds. Mike and Jim had found their fish in practice, and knew what spot they were going to hit. The areas of choice for them was way back in a creek from the wind and protected by the thick brush. Did they think they had enough fish for the second day and did they have a backup plan in case it did not hold up? Sunday wasn't much better even though the wind shifted. The lake was great to run in the morning but by close to the end of the tournament the wind started picking up. Only seven members brought in five fish limit dropping from the first day. Of the two day event only four individuals were able to land ten fish limit. Those individuals were Jeff Woodard, Mike Whitten, Darryl Hanson and yours truly. No teams were able to put together the limit of twenty fish for the both days. Although Jerry Carpenter and Darryl Hanson were the closest with 18 fish for two days, but they missed weigh in on Day One by two minutes and their sack was disqualified. Reports were that the fish were in depths of 12 feet to the banks. All sorts of baits were used to catch fish, ranging from spinnerbaits, crankbaits, flukes, senkos and other types of plastics. If you were able to find the fish you were sure to catch some. Notice I did say some as reports were told of big ones coming off or getting broke off.

The second day did improve a little. Six teams came in with sacks of over twenty pounds with the biggest sack of over 30 lbs by Darryl Hanson and Jerry Carpenter. Jerry helped with that creel by catching big bass of the even with a 8.84 pounder. Darryl and Jerry would have placed second with a total creel of 53.31 lb, had they not gotten into traffic on the way to weigh in. Time management is crucial if you trailer to weigh in. Only one team came in with a ten fish limit and that was Mike Shields and Jeff Woodard. The standings for the top three places were as follows:

1st Place - Mike Whitten/Jim Brown - 17 Fish - 67.64lbs

2nd Place - Mike Sheilds/Jeff Woodard - 19 Fish - 47.22lbs

3rd Place - Jake Jabubowsky/Jan Cartwright - 15 Fish - 43.61lbs

To hear the story of where the winning team caught their fish, and the structure they were fishing, attend the next club meeting. Congrats to the winners and all those that attended. Remember, next month event will held on Lake Buchanan on 4/19. Hope to see you all there.


Edited by Darryl Hanson, President of Austin Bass Club for outside publication. Darryl L. Hanson II

Thanks Guys! We enjoyed having you here..

March 13, 2009: I have not gotten too much info on the club scene lately, as we have been busy with several projects around here.. But I do have info a couple.. The Atascosa Bass Club fished last weekend, and Craig White took top honors both days with some pretty impressive sacks of fish. He had 26.78 on Saturday, with a 6.39 big bass. On Sunday he had 29.98, and his big fish was a 7.58. Allen Harper finished second both days, and on Saturday he had 16.79 pounds. And he also had the big bass of the day with a 7.84. On Sunday he improved his weight to 23.30. Shane Pfullman finished third both days, and on Sat he had a sack that weighed 21.63. On Sunday he had 13.86, enough to just out ounce Julius Vrana, who had 13.76. I guess you guys could have copied the leader board on Sunday and taken the day off.. But that wouldn't have been any fun..

Rebel Bass Club also visited Falcon, and after two days of fighting the wind, the results were as follows. Wayne Tauer finished on top with a two day weight of 33.92 pounds, which included a 6.17 pounder on Saturday. In second was Shawn Carusella, who had a 30.08 pound total. In third was Debbie Hunter, with 24.28, and Scott Saltz just missed the top three with a weight of 24.25. Big bass of the event was caught by Fritz Callier, and it tipped the scales at 6.81 pounds. They had 26 anglers fish the event.


Mar 2, 2009: The TABC South Texas Shootout was held here on Falcon on Saturday, and it appears that the high winds definitely had an effect on the number of entrys.. Only twenty one teams fished the event, and it is a shame that we had this big pot of Chicken and Dumplings left over.. It is day three and I am starting to think that a PBJ sandwich is sounding pretty good.

The winds were brutal as I mentioned in the Flash Report, and a lot of folks complained about the rough water.. Rightly so.

Steven Martin and Joe Abanilla caught a great stringer that weighed 28.80 pounds, and that was enough to secure the win. They had a 8.51 big bass in the mix. Just missing the win was the team of Sam Robbins and Joe Lindeman, who had a 28.38 pound bag. Sam caught the Big Bass of the event and it went 10.07 pounds. In third was Tom Haralson and Pat Starnes with 26.66. Tim Griffin fished alone and he had a sack that went 26.49. That is four great sacks of fish for the conditions here on Saturday. I know it took a lot of fortitude to stay out there and fish. Here are a few pics from the weigh in..

Winning Stringer..

Sam Robbins. 10.07

January 30, 2009: There were a few other bass clubs in town last weekend.. But I have been stretched thinner than the skin on a cheap weenie the last few days..

The Atascosa Bass Club fished Sat and Sun, and they fished them as two separate tourneys.. But they had the same result.. Craig White won both days, so if you see him throwing a bunch of money around then you know why.. On Saturday he had a five fish limit that went 20.15, and on Sunday he improved the weight to 22.43. In second on Saturday was Shane Pfullman with 17.25, and in third was Tinker Pfullman with 15.46.

On Sunday David Meyer had 14.49 for second, and rounding out the top three was Terry Vrana with 14.34. They had thirteen fishermen both days.

The Freedom Bass Club out of San Antonio also fished a two day event, and after all was said and done, Don Richards took top honors with a two day weight of 25.67. In second was Ira Lynn with 23.38, and in third was Janet Zipperer, who brought 20.85 pounds to the scales. Score one for the ladies..

There are some very good fishermen in both of these clubs, and their weights reflect the tougher fishing that we are experiencing here at Falcon. But be patient.. Things are going to change..

January 26, 2009: The Uvalde Bass Club had a two day affair here last weekend, And Jimbo Beard managed to catch enough both days to win both days. On Saturday he had three fish for 15.47 pounds. Brian Langner just missed with a five fish bag that went 15.34, and in third it was Jerry Trevino who also weighed in a limit that went 15 even. Big bass of the day was caught by Al Haughey and it tipped the scales at 6.52.

On Sunday Beard managed a limit that went 19.3 pounds. In secondwas Ricky McNeil, who had three fish for 14.74. He also had the heavy fish of the weekend with a nice 7.87. In third was Javie Martinez, who also had three fish for 12.95.

Ricky McNiel-Sunday 7.87

Jim Surber Saturday 7.42

Uvalde had 32 fishermen participate in this event..

San Antonio Bass Club had thirty two members fish also, and their results were similar to what we saw throughout the weekend.. In first plase was Kevin Reissig who after two days had nine fish that went 44.03 pounds. In second place was Richard Drake, who also had nine fish for 33.93 pounds. In third was Glenn Hahn, who had eight fish fr 30.65 pounds. He also had the big fish of the weekend with a 9.97 pound whopper.

Lost my cheat sheet.. Please help with names!

In the ladies division Kathy Woodruff caught three fish for 8.86 pounds, and in the Pee Wee division it was Travis Saenz who caught two fish for 3.51 pounds.

January 25, 2009: The Alamo Bass Club invaded Falcon over the weekend, and they brought an even dozen anglers with them. Bryan Jones had a day one stringer that went 22.86, and he had the second big bass of the day with a 7.29. In second was Charlie Ormond, who also had a nice limit that weighed 17.41. In third was Scott Ecke, with a four fish bag that went 16.41, and he had the big fish of the day that weighed 9.65.

On day two, Scott found the motherload of big fish and he weighed the heavy one day stringer of the tournament with four fish that went 26.58. One fish short of a hell of a stringer.. He had plenty to win it all with a two day weight of 42.99 pounds. In second it was Kenny Kunz who caught a nice 21.77 pound bag to follow Saturdays 15.71. He finished with 37.48 pounds. In third was day one leader Bryan Jones who had a two day weight of 28.60. I believe That Ecke also had another Nine pound plus fish on Sunday. Send me those big fish Pics guys! And thanks for your report!

January 5, 2009: The first stop on the South Texas Five tournament trail was at Falcon last weekend, and thirty one teams took to the water in search of El Guapo, and four of his Great Aunts.. And as usual El Guapo was not brought to the scales, but a lot of his cousins were.

The team of Tim Griffin and Tim Griffin won the event, with a five fish sack that weighed 31.55 pounds. Although it was a team format, Tim ended up single stickin' it, and he said it was the first time his partner thought exactly like he did.. He had a sack of six pound quints.. He also said he lost a couple bigger fish..

Tim on Left with Bill Stipp, TD.

In second place was Bauer and Tom Haralson with 26.06, and in third it was Reyes and Villarreal with 25.15. The always dangerous team of Ralph Celadon and Freddy Vannoy finished fourth, with a stringer that weighed 25.11, only 4/100ths out of third..The team of Romane and Bendele finished in fifth with an embarrassing four fish stringer.. But we did have Big Bass with a 9.72.

Everybody gets lucky once in a while..

December 16, 2008: The SAPD club was in town last weekend, and as mentioned on the Flash report Johnny Barnes III broke their all time one day heavy stringer on Saturday with a five fish limit of 35.86 pounds.. He is currently at the hat store looking for a bigger size.. :-) He had only two fish on Sunday, but he still won the two day event by over 22 pounds. He had a seven fish total of 46.54 pounds. In second place was Sonny Osborne Jr. with 23.76, and in the two days he weighed six fish. In third was Shawn Markgraf with 13.82 pounds.

In the woman's division it was Pam Barnes with seven fish for 20.28 pounds, and in second Susan Osborne had two fish for 8.44. Cindy Dill also had two fish for 6.28 pounds and that put her in third.

So if you are paying attention here you are seeing the pattern that we have been talking about. Some days the fish are up and active, and the next day you are struggling to get some bites. It has been this way for a while. Yes, you can whack em on Falcon right now.. But you can just a easily stink it up. And the consistent decent bite is still not "on".

Sonny Osborne 8.86

Pam Barnes


December 10, 2008: Quality Bass club was also at Falcon last weekend. Mike Kinchen pretty much ran away with the thing as he weighed in 22.70 on Saturday, ten pounds more than his nearest competitor. On Sunday things tightened up a little, but not near enough to make a difference. Kinchen finished with a two day stringer of 29.59. In second was Cecil Newberry with 16.64, and in third was Robert Dunlap with 15.90. The club's average fish weight was 3.59 pounds. Not lots of fish caught, but good quality.. This info was gleaned from the club website..

December 09, 2008:

The results of the Texas Bass Federation tournament from last weekend are as follows:

1st Beau Schott 26.44.. Four fish

2nd Derick Kuyrkendall 24.77

3rd Charles Whited 22.62

4th Ira Lynn 21.54

5th Eugene Fewell 20.21

6th Manny Lackey 18.49 Three fish

7th Kyle Keller 17.81

8th Rick Romane 17.68

9th Tim Griffin 14.47 Three fish

10th Douglas Baker 13.38 Four Fish

Thanks Mike Tennant for the report!

November 22-23, 2008:

The Tonkawa Bassmasters from Roundrock were in town, and they had decent luck, but like many others they did not find the big numbers of fish. Hollis Deen finished on top with a two day weight of 30.8. His 7.91 big bass helped him claim top honors.

Hollis Deen

Darryl Hanson II finished second, right behind the leader with 29.17.


And rounding out the top three was Abel Gonzalez, with 17.04.

Their average weight per fish was 3.22 pounds.


November 11, 2008: Results from last weekends tournaments are coming in and I have a few to report on.. But for now I have the results from Helotes: They are as Follows..

1st Ngarm Ball with 55.45. She had a 30.61 pound stringer on Sunday!

2nd Richard Ball 43.85 pounds.. I think they were fishing the same spot!

3rd was James Farley with 33.78 pounds.

And In 4th was Felix Huerta with 22.42 pounds.

It was reported that only one fish did not swim off.. Great job Guys!

Of course the Balls had couples heavy stringer with 99.39 pounds.. ( 99.39 divided by 20=4.96.. Ouch!)

Mr and Mrs Bass Club, from Austin Texas November 1 and 2:

The fall two day tournament was held on Lake Falcon on the 1st and 2nd of November. 14 teams participated in the tournament. First place went to Allen and Louie Logan with 10 bass weighing 42.37 pounds. Allen also captured Men's Big Bass of the tournament with a 9.25 pound hog. Second place went to Pat and Jerry Gold with a total weight of 41.91 pounds, only .46 pounds behind the first place team. Pretty close finish. Pat also had Women's Big Bass of the tournament with 7.70 pounds. Third place went to the ever so consistent team of Alice and Luther Lentz. They weighed in 10 bass for a total weight of 35.26 pounds. This third place finish put them back in the lead for Angler of the Year. Congratulations to all the winners. (Copied from Club web-site)

Louie and Allan Logan.. Allen on rt with big bass.


McAllen Bass Anglers

Falcon Lake, Oct. 11-12, 2008: The club had a good tournament with moderate results at Falcon this weekend. Bigger fish were harder to find due to the increased lake levels. Eighteen members participated in this two day individual event with an increased of numbers of fish but lower total weight as compared to the previous tournament.

There were only 10 limits and no really big fish weighed in over the two day period . Lalo Alvarado brought in the heaviest stringer with a total of 29.83 lbs for the two days garnering first place for the event. The second place heavy stringer prize goes to Brantley Billman with 25.96 lbs. Congratulations to both anglers!

Thanks to Jess Valadez for the report!


October 11-12 2008: Canyon Bass Club

Canyon Bass Club of San Marcos had 27 members and 4 guests fish the 2 day tourney. Total weight was 526.27 with 181 fish caught, not a bad average. Big fish was 7.49, but a guest did catch an 8.75 on Sunday. Top five results are as follows:

1 Mike Katzer 45.83

2 Jason Mosqueda 34.83

3 Gary Swenson 32.56

4 David Immel 31.06

5 Milton Thompson 27.45

Thanks again for all of your help! David Immel

And thanks David for the report!


McAllen Bass Club

Sept. 13-14, 2008: The club had a good tournament with average results at Falcon this weekend . Eight teams (16 members) participated in this two day team event with better than expected results in terms of numbers of fish and total weight inspite of hurricane Ike. There were 12 limits and only one big fish (8.18 lbs by Armando Fuentes- see picture below) weighed in over the two day period . The team of Joe Martinez and David Alaniz again brought in the heaviest stringer with a total of 52.36 lbs for the two days garnering first place for the event. The second place heavy stringer prize also again goes to the team of Jessie Warren and John Struthers with 49.55 lbs. Congratulations to both teams!

ANGLER SATURDAY SUNDAY TOTAL 1st - Martinez/Alaniz 23.92 lbs (5) 28.44 lbs (5) 52.36 lbs 2nd - Warren/Struthers 26.75 lbs (5) 22.80 lbs (5) 49.55 lbs 3rd - Malone/Fuentes 18.92 lbs (5) 19.49 lbs (5) 38.41 lbs 4th - Alvarado/Kelley 18.44 lbs (5) 19.11 lbs (5) 37.55 lbs 5th - Billman/Kucia 13.91 lbs (3) 23.49 lbs (5) 37.40 lbs 6th - Valadez/Durham 16.39 lbs (5) 7.31 lbs (4) 23.70 lbs 7th - Simon/Ramirez 17.64 lbs (5) 0.00 lbs (0) 17.64 lbs 8th - Martinez/Arronis

Armando Flores 8.18

Labor Day Weekend

Just Us Bass Club (JUBC).

I wanted to send you our clubs fishing report from this past weekend. We held our 2 annual team event with 9 teams showing up and had 4 weigh in's in three day's. We don't have any pictures due to the heat and not wanting to kill any fish and the guy's did a great job.

We had 4 Big Bass Pots with each weigh in and they are as follows:

Saturday Afternoon - Jerry Buckholt -10.60

Sunday Morning - Fred Vannoy-7.60

Sunday Afternoon - Fred Vannoy-8.09

Monday Morning - George Peterson-6.86

Top three teams and weights for 4 weigh ins:

Fred and Ralph-87.34

Cecil and Robert-62.23

Mike and Cary-50.66

The main pattern seemed to be shallow water on frogs and spinnerbaits and anything else you could throw in the flooded grass.

Have a good day, Eddie J. Adams

Thanks Eddie! for the report!

August 2008:The McAllen Bass club invaded Falcon again last weekend, and they had some phenomenal results. What can I say folks.. The fish are biting..

McAllen Bass Anglers Tournament Results Falcon Lake, August 16-17, 2008:

The club had an excellent tournament with good weather at Falcon this weekend. Eleven teams (22 members & 1 guest) participated in this two day team event with improved results in terms of numbers of fish (+18) and total weight (+70 lbs) over the previous tournament. There were 17 limits and two big fish (10.21 lbs by Jessie Warren and 9.51 by Joe Martinez) weighed in over the two day period. The team of Joe Martinez and David Alaniz brought in the heaviest stringer with a total of 55.27 lbs for the two days garnering first place for the event. The second place heavy stringer prize goes to the team of Jessie Warren and John Struthers with 45.12 lbs. Congratulations to both teams!

Gracias Senor Valdez for the report and pics!


August 4, 2008: The San Antonio Bass Club was in town over the weekend, and they had some pretty awesome results. Twenty five anglers fished a paper tournament, and we commend them for their efforts in in preserving our resources.

Kevin Reissig, who also guides here on Falcon, had a two day weight of 66.22 pounds of fish.. yikes.. And I thought I was catching a few.. In second place, with a paltry 55.07 was Chad Glasscock. Third place finisher was Rodney Marbach, with a 50.50 total. In the Ladies division it was Kathy Woodruff with a six fish bag of 18.88.

The weights were compiled by using a chart that estimates from the length and girth..

Steve Cohrs had the big fish of the event with a 13.20, according to the chart. I would have had to put that fish on a scale of some sort..

Hmmm.. That spot looks kinda Familiar..


July 25,26 2008: Alamo Bass Club was in town for a two day scrum, and they fished the lower end of the lake, headquartering out of the state park. After it was all said and done, there was quite a lot that got done..

Bryan Jones had the big bass of the event, and the 9.80 helped him to a first place finish with 44.33 pounds. Bryan always seems to be around the top spot and this week was no different. In second was Gordan Whitaker with 25.28. Clarence Schwarz has 23.67 for third, and in fourth was Kenny Kunz, with 23 even.

In the women's division Lori Ormod had 11.88, and Vivian Schwarz had 10.51. In the teen division Clarence Schwarz had a nice tournament with 23.67 pounds. We here at FLT salute you for getting, and keeping the family involved. And Thanks for putting fish care in the forefront.

Bryan Jones with a 9.80 on left, (top) and Brettt Wetherell with a 8.39.. Nice Job guys!


July 26, 2008: This is a late report on Atascosa Bass Clubs tourney from last weekend. Craig White had a fantastic 31.13 pounds on Saturday to take about a nine pound lead into day two of fishing Sunday. Keith Sutherland had 22.83 and was in second after day one.. In third was Pat White with 21.85..

Sunday: Craig followed up Saturdays performance with another good bag of fish, as he brought 17.86 to the scale. He finished with top honors with a two day weight of 48.99. Darrell Garza brought in the heavy bag of the day with 22.55 pounds to finish second over all.. His two day weight was 38.81. He barely out-ounced Keith Sutherland that had a two day weight of 38.72, to finish third.

Half of the club fished Choke and Half fished Falcon. The top four weights all came from Falcon.


July 12 UCBC Update: After day two, Fred Beard has set a new two day club record for a ten fish limit.. He brought a total of 52.80 pounds to the scale. The heavy team record also went down, as Beard and Worley caught a combined 92.53 pounds of fish. The top seven stringers for the tourney were fourty two pounds or better. That's pretty good fishin!

July 12 2008: There were a lot of boats on the water today, as four tournemaents were being held here on Falcon. I do not have details on all of them but I'll give you what I have. We were able to attend UCBC's weigh in at Beacon, and there werre a few nice stringers brought in. However the big bass seemed to elude most of the anglers. Stan Foltz caught the heaviest fish, that weighed in at 9.52 pounds. But catching the big fish did not get him in the top three.. Fred Beard had the big bag of the day, with a very impressive 29.32 pounds. He had all solid fish but no monster..In second was Weldon Pierce with 24.98, and in third, but barely, was Jeff Mergle with 24.91.

Stan and Bernice

In the Ladies division it was Pat Martin with 15.32, and Bernice Willhelms with 13.81. In the young ladies race, Katie Mergle had a five fish sack that weighed 13.92. Trevor Friesenhahn had a 15.92 limit in the boys division. There were about forty fishermen participating in the two day event. We'll have final results later..

In the McAllen Bass Anglers race it was John Struthers with the day one lead as he had a twenty eight pound plus stringer, that included two eights. Joe Martinez had over 23 pounds for second. J. D. Penny was in third with 20.3. They are weighing in at the State Park, and being that is in another time zone I was not able to get there. So these weights are very close but not official as they are what were reported to me from folks through the store. And thanks for the report fellows!

The Zapata group, that weighed in at the county ramp, had some pretty impressive three fish weights.. Polo Garcia had the big bag of the day with 21.96, followed closely by Luis Gonzalez, with 21.92. In third it was Danny Villarreal with 20.91. These guys are doing this most every week, and I hear there is a second group fishing Sunday.. So if you are in town it is a decent bet that you can get in on a jackpot tourney most weekends. But you better bring some serious weight to the scales if you want in on the money..

Have not heard from Helotes Bass Club but we'll pass on the details when we get them.

We'll give you more details as they become available!

June 30, 2008: Day two of the Atascosa tournament saw a new name take to the top of the list, as Darrell Garza brought 22.73 pounds to the scale, and coupled with his 19.62 from Saturday, he was in the running for top honors.. But when the last fish went into Keith Sutherlands bag, he had just enough to keep the top spot. By two hundredths of a pound. They had 42.37 and 42.35 respectively. And just back of them was Craig White, with 42.14.. Talk about a tight finish.. Tinker Pfullman's 8.25 held up for big bass, but Darrell did have a 7.18 to anchor his Sunday big bag. There were a lot of nice fish caught. And a lot of them were caught in the Veleno. High winds played havoc with the fishermen but persistency paid off for for most of them. There were a lot of tired batteries by the end of the weekend.

Thanks all of you guys for stopping the store!

June 29, 2008: The Atascosa Bass Club is holding a roadrunner this weekend, and seven anglers chose to fish at Falcon. After Saturdays bout with the bass and high winds Keith Sutherland brought 26.32 pounds to the scales, and that included a 8.25 pound big bass. There were four other stringers over twenty pounds, and under twenty one.. That's a pretty tight race. Pat White is in second with 20.98, and Craig White is in third with 20.74. Tinker and Shane Pfullman were in fourth and fifth, with 20.44 and 20.11 respectively. There were stories of several fish that escaped the net. More later..

June 21, 2008: There were two small tourneys in town today, one of them a private affair that involved a bunch of members of the Uvalde Bass Club, and the Zapata Bass Club had their monthly tourney.. But they held it last weekend too.. Oh well.. Maybe it is now a weekly tourney.

The Uvalde group had sixteen fishermen participating, and the results were good, with some nice stringers being weighed.. Jimbo Beard had heavy stringer with 27.93, and his big fish weighed 7.56, and he also had a 6.68. In second was Pete Arredondo, with 19.40 pounds. Pete had a 5.63 and a 5.18 pound fish to secure the spot. In third was Tatie Hernandez with 18.67. He had 6.10 big fish. But the big fish of the day was caught by Lucas Hiler, and it tipped the scales at 8.02 pounds. There were a few sacks that came in with less than a limit, but not too many. We took some pictures of the weigh in but as it turns out, they were short movies.. Damn camera setting buttons.. This never happened with my Brownie Hawkeye.. We'll get some pics from the guys and post them asap..

The Zapata Bass Club had a less than normal turnout, but it was their second tournament in a week. They fish a three fish format and it usually takes around twenty pounds to get the money. There were about 12 entry's in a winner take all contest, and it took 21 pounds to win. That's pretty salty..

We ran the weigh in for the Uvalde group so we have limited info on the locals.. And no Pics..

If your bass club is coming to town it is possible that we could help with your weigh ins... But we need some advance notice..


June 15, 2008: The Zapata Bass Club threw together a quickie Bass Tournament on Saturday, in light of their regularly scheduled tournament that fell on Fathers Day. There were about 15 teams that fished, and the results were pretty darn good. There were two fish weighed in that tied for Big Bass. Both weighed 11.80 pounds. Ouch! I told you the fish were ready to bite.. This was a winner take all event and there was a pretty good payday for the winners that had 20.42 for their best Three fish.. Not too shabby. I have been home alone here at the shop this week and could not make it to the weigh in. There were also a lot of eights and nines weighed in. Most every boat had at least one good fish.

On Memorial Day weekend the Freedom Bass Club was in town, and they held a three fish a day event also. Denny Rosenfeld led wire to wire, after catching a first day limit of 19.62 pounds. Steve Bell had the big bass of day one with a 9.55 pound whopper. There was also a nine even caught by Ira Lynn, and a 8.15 caught by Troy Lynn. Them Lynn boys were on some good fish it appears. Ira and Steve were in second and third respectively, with 18.29 and 17.45.

On day two, Denny caught just enough to stay on top with a stringer weighing 14.37. Ira Lynn caught the heavy bag of the day, at 15.42, but he finished a couple ounces behind Denny.. Steve Bell held on to the third spot. The winning weight was 33.99 pounds. Better than a five pound average..

May 19, 2008: We were able to attend the SWRI and The Alice Bass Clubs weigh-ins yesterday afternoon, and there were some good results for both clubs.

The Southwest Research Club weighed in at Beacon at 1:30, and there were a couple of nice fish brought to the scales. I told you that Jerry Campos was no stranger to big fish, and he brought in this beautiful 10.10 bass for the big fish of the day. Charlie Berger (on rt, or bottom) had this 9.06, and with his stringer from Saturday, he had enough to hold off Jerry by a couple of pounds.

The final results were Charlie Berger with 44.12 pounds, followed by Jerry Campos with 42.44. Joe Maskill finished third, with a respectable 33.46. Glad you are enjoying that new RPM rod Joe..

Thanks to all you fellows for your support!

The Alice Bass Club had fourty two fishermen compete at their event. And it was one of the nicest days to fish you have ever seen. Cool temps and a very light wind made for some great fishing conditions. They allowed a lot of local folks to participate also and it was a great turnout for their club. They fished a three fish format, and we highly commend them for it. They held their weigh-in at 3:00 at the county ramp, and there were a LOT of fifteen pound stringers brought in. But fifteen pounds wasn't going to get it done.. Patrick Starnes brought in 22.67 pounds to take top honors. In second was Tom Haralson, with 21.07, and in third was Bobby Z. with 16.70. Rick Gonzales took the last check in fourth place. An 8.95 was the big bass of the day.

A lot of local folks have really gotten into the fishing here at Falcon. It is good to see and we are spreading the word to lots of youngsters. With a good dose of the "Catch and Release" lecture mixed in. It is up to us a tournament fishermen to lead the way in conservation of our big fish. Treat em' nice and we'll have plenty. It's not any harder..

See yall next time..

Thanks to Sandy Vela and Pat Ball for the help, and thanks to all of you who came by the store!

May 17, 2008: The Zapata Bass Club was back in action today, and they had sixteen teams show up to see who could bring in the three biggest fish. Ramiro Reyes brought 19.02 pounds of fish to the scale top take top honors. That's about a six and a third pound average. Yikes! In second was Tim Griffin, with 16.94, and in third, but just barely, was Israel, with 16.92. This is a great bunch of guys, and anyone is welcome to fish their team tournament, held once a month. They usually fish on Sunday but made an excepton this weekend for some fishermen to be able to fish with the Alice Bass Club tomorrow. I'll get the details on the next one and let you know when it is scheduled. It is a good affordable team tourney, and you can afford to fish it alone if you wish.

The Southwest Research Bass Club is in town, and they weighed in at the State Park this afternoon. Larry Crebs had a 12.18 pound fish to anchor his first place sack that tipped the scales to twenty pounds and some change. In second was Charlie Berger, with 19.44, and he had an eight even in his limit. Jerry Campos, who is no stranger to big fish, is in third with 18 plus pounds. They weigh in tomorrow at 1:30 at Beacon and I will try to make it over for some pics and final results.. Thanks Charlie Berger for the results!

April 5, 2008: There was also a tournament sponsored by the international bass club from Los Dos Laredos. And last weekend they had their annual couples tournament.. And if you saw the cluster of boats in the Diablo about 2:30 then you saw them weighing their fish.. Looked like a good idea to me.. Not sure who won but they had a great time.. Sergio Herrea caught this 10 pound plus fish for Big Bass honors..


May 5, 2008: San Antonio Bass Club brought twenty three fishermen to Falcon, and their results were about the same as the other clubs that came to town.. Dennis Asher had a two day weight of 46.38 pounds to take top honors. Rodney Marbach had 42.15 for second, and Cody Glasscock 41.39. Kathy Woodruff had 6.05 on the womens side.. Big Bass of the event was a 7.98 pound whopper caught by Bill Meckel.

The club caught 159 fish that weighed 522.82 pounds for an average weight of 3.29 pounds. 1.2 milion dollars worth of equipment was used to catch these 159 fish.. But not one of the fishermen had a $69 dollar digital camera.. :-).. Just kidding guys.. Thanks for the info! Next time I will be there to take the pics!

SAPD on Saturday had three top places over twenty pounds. With the heavy bag of the day was Shawn Markgraf with 23.66 pounds.. In second was Richard Flores with 22.64 and in third was Sonny Osbourne Jr. with 21.65. In the womens division Susan Osbourne had 15.20, and Pam Barnes had 9.87. There were a lot of limits weighed in, and the folks at SAPD always have a good time. I do not have any pics from this weekend as I was fishing the Rebel club tourney and my time machine is on the fritz and I could not make it to the other weigh ins..

UPDATE: The final day of fishing produced some really nice fish for the SAPD anglers..

Here's the results!

First Place honors went to Johnny Barnes III, with 47.93 pounds. He had a 26.73 pound stringer on Sunday! Nice Going Johnny!

In second was Shawn Markgraf with 42.63 pounds.

Rounding out the top three was Richard Flores with 42.43 pounds

And Of Course there was Barry Myers with the biggest bass of the weekend at 12.88 pounds.. That's a Toad!

Womens division was won by Susan Osborne with 20.08 pounds. In second was Pam Barnes with 19.31 and in third Mel Villarreal had 6.59 pounds.

Thanks to Pam Barnes for the Pics!

Rebel Bass Club had their two day event also over the weekend and had some pretty good stringers were weighed in on Saturday. Joey Brown had a very nice 25.13 pound sack of fish, including a 7.16 pounder to take the day one lead. In second and third places were the Tauer Boys, Eric and Wayne, with 21.34 and 20.06 respectively. Earl Lackey had the big fish of the day with a 7.77 pound beauty, and he also had another big six. But he only brought four fish to the scales, or the leader board would have been rewritten.

There were three 19 pound plus stringers also weighed in. On Sunday the fish Gods smiled on yours truly and I managed a 23.78 pound stringer to come out on top. I caught an 8.66 and a 7 plus in the mix.. Two day total of 43.37..Like I said.. Anybody can catch em.. In second was Joey Brown with 40.26, after fetching 15.13 pounds from the livewell on Sunday. In third was Wayne Tauer with a second day stringer of 19.60, and that gave him a two day weight of 39.66. I hate to do this...


April 28, 2008: The BASS Federation had 51 fishermen turn out for their pilgrimage to Falcon, and many of the anglers had fished Saturdays tournament also. The predicted high winds and rain never materialized till weigh in, so the fishaemen had a really nice day of it with pre-front conditions and little wind.

To no ones surprise, Terry Oldham finished on top with a three fish limit of 20.43 pounds, anchored by an 8.90 big bass. I gues he didn't get em all out of that hole on Saturday. Tim Reneau had a good day also and he brought 18.98 pounds to the scales for second. In Third was Craig Crimm with 18.93 pounds and he had a nice 7.83 in his sack. (see pic below)

Terry weighed in a little early and I did not get a pic of him or his fish, but I reckon that he got plenty of camera time on Saturday.

Craig Crimm 7.83

These fellows did a good job with the fish also and I will have to say that it is nice to actually have a dock that is available for boat use. Thank You County of Zapata! And thank you Bass Federation for going to a three fish format..

April 27, 2008: The Bass Champs South Region rolled thru town yesterday for its annual assault on Falcon, and the results were about what we expected. I actually thought someone would show up with fourty pounds, but a measely 37.84 pounds was enough to take the top honors. So you missed your chance at an easy victory if you decided not to fish..

Out of the 201 teams that participated Terry Oldham and Jaime Buitron ended up on top, and that didn't surprise too many people. They're no strangers to the stage. In second was John Mills and Scott Burris with a very respectable 34.48 pounds, and Tim Reneau and Judy Churchill rounded out te top three with 34.06.

I am not sure exactly when the bar got set so high around here to win a tourament.. I guess it started a few years ago when the technology caught up with the fishermen. There were always a few fishermen that could catch a big bag. But it does help to have a lake full of six to ten pound fish..

These newfangaled depthfinders are pretty neat.. I think I'm gonna get me one and pass down to the younguns my rope with the rock tied to it. Had it for years and the battery has never gone dead..

On a personal note, I fished the tournament also and we managed a tie for ninth place finish.. But we weighed over thirty pounds and that was a first for me in a tournament. So you know the fishing is good!

April 20th 2008: The CAST tournament finally made its stop at Falcon for the year, and the results were not as good as some expected.. The day was cloudy, and all the anglers said that the fish bit much better yesterday with the sun out..

Robby and Dawne Robinson brought 26.54 pounds of fish to the scale, bolstered by Robbies big fish of the contest that stretched the spring to 10.24 pounds. In second was Larry and Pat Martin with 22.60, and in third was Stan and Mary Hall with 19.35. In fourth was Dennis and Linda Bald, with 17.82. Here's a couple of pics of the event.

Robbie Robinson

April 13, 2008: We have had a shortage of clubs in town over the last couple of weeks, but in the next couple weekends we have several fishing Falcon. The CAST tournament is this weekend, and the Bass Champs circuit is headed our way in two weeks. (26th) we have seen quite a few pre-fishermen for Bass Champs in town already. And it looks like we will see some big stringers for that event.. We hope to see you in the store!

March 12th 2008: The McAllen Bass Anglers were also in town last weekend.. And we were not able to attend their weigh ins.. But we did get their results today.. They too were faced with some tough conditions on the lake, with high winds and big waves.. But when the bilge pumps were turned off John Struthers came out on top with a two day weight of 36.48 pounds. J. D. Penny weighed in 24.37 pounds for second, and Joe Martinez finished in third with 21.71.. Al Malone had 20.33 for fourth place.. I did not hear about any big bass.. But if you have any pics please forward them to me.

March 12th 2008: Finally got some results from the tournament held in Mexico, (Guerrero) last weekend.. I got the results in Spanish so I am going to do the best that I can.. Sergio Herrera and Ricardo Guerrero won the event. I understand that there are ten fish max weighed in, and that these two anglers had a total weight of 21.86 Kilos.. That's a little over 50 pounds for the team weight. I get a headache when I do math so I'll let you do the exact math. But these are some nice fish..

Not sure who caught which so I will just post both pics.. Good job guys!

March 9th, 2008: The McAllen Bass Anglers and the Centex Bass Club are in town this weekend, and we managed to get to the Centex weight in at Beacon. They had about twenty fishermen make the trip, and they some fair to fantastic results.

Chris Koski had the heavy stringer on Saturday, and he brought a sackfull of fish to the scale that weighed 27.10 pounds. He had a 7-9 and a 7-10, so that makes a twenty pound bag pretty easy.. In second was Johnathan Fry, (I hope I got his name right) and he had a great stringer also, weighing in at 24.60 pounds. He also had the big fish of the day at 10.50. See pic below.. William Taggert came in with 17.15 pounds to grab third place. Elton Brock also had a big bass at 8.70 pounds.We hope to have the final results later tomorrow..

Chris Koski on Left.. Johnathan Fry on Right.

Johnathan 10.5 Big BassElton Brock 8.7 pounds

Please let me know the names and faces I screwed up..


February 25, 2008: Starr County Bass Club was also at Falcon last weekend.. I will have their results asap.. Also Austin Bass Club was just here this weekend and we will post results as soon as we get the final word. We have had a lot of ground to cover lately and if I could just stay off the lake I might get somethin done. But I consider fishing research.. I don't want to spread any unfounded rumors. We'll have those tourney results asap.

February 18, 2008: There were about eight tournaments in town over the weekend, and we just were not able to attend all the weigh ins. We will be updating this page as we get more info on the results of these tourneys..

River City Basss Club from austin was in town also last weekend, and according to Martin Warnasch, their club president, they had their best Falcon tourney ever. They fished a team format, and Garrett Nelson and Justin Pollei had twenty fish for 99 pounds to take first place in the event.. Garrett had heavy individul stringer with over 50 pounds for the two days. Bobby Hohmann had the heavy fish of the weekend with a 11.25 pound monster. Send me a picture!

Uvalde Bass Club was in town over the weekend also, and we have bits and pieces of info on their results. We hear that Jimbo Beard won the Saturday tourney, (Uvalde fishes two one days) but we do not know who won on Sunday. I heard that Jimbo had twenty something pounds on Saturday. That's a hell of a report I know.. But I am working on it. If anybody has more difinitive info please forward it to me please.

UPDATE: Saturday: Ist Jimbo Beard with 21.01 pounds. Second was Bill Surber with 20.12 pounds, and in third was Brian Langner with 17.86. Division II saw Laura Langner take top honors with four fish for 10.16 pounds. Saturdays big fish was caught by Bill Surber with a 5.58 pound fish. On sunday Ricky Villarreal had five for 20.28 pounds, second was Jimbo Beard with four for 16.43.. I hear he had a fish that was abducted by aliens or something.. In third was Lucas Hiler with 15.43 and the big bass of the weekend with a nice 7.04 pounder.. (see pic below) In division II Colton Moore had one fish, but it was a good one at 4.83 pounds.

Lucas Hiler had some good luck fishing very shallow water with a crankbait. He said most of their fish were caught in 1.5 to 3 feet of water, way in the backs of creeks. He also sent along a nice pic of a couple of good fish. Thanks!

Jason Hiler

Left to right: Moore, Surber, Villarreal

The Quality Bass Club was also in town last weekend, and they brought fourteen anglers to Falcon, according to their web-site. After the first day, Robert Dunlap was leading the pack, with a nice stringer weighing 22.66 pounds.. He biggest fish was just over 6.5 pounds. In second was Cecil Newberry with 21.41 pounds, and he had the big fish of the day, and the tournament with a 6.77 pound fattie. In third was Stefen Brooks with 15.17..

On Sunday Robert Dunlap once again delivered the goods with the big bag of the day weighing 17.33 pounds. He had a 5.97 pounder in the mix. His two day winning total was 39.99 pounds. Second and third places also remained the same with Newberry catching 9.97 pounds for a total of 31.38. Brooks had 9.38 to make a two day total of 24.55. Bryan Scarberry had a total of 21.03 for the fourth spot. The club as a whole caught 90 fish for a total weight of 251.94 pounds, which is a 2.79 pound average. All this information was gleaned from the Quality web-site.

February 18, 2008: The Ingram Bass Club was also in town over the weekend, and they also had some pretty good results. Ryan Balser led after day one with 29.50 pounds, and in that mix he had a 9.15 pound sow. Randy Morrison had a big fish that weighed 10.80 pounds, and that helped him grab second place, with a first day weight of 21.40. Ronny Gazaway had 17.61 for third, and Bobby Balser had 15.89 for fourth after day one.

On Sunday Ryan Balser once again had heavy srtinger of the day, with 23.25 pounds. His two day winning weight was 52.75 pounds. Five pound average is pretty salty, I'd say. Randy Morrison and Bobby Balser both had 22.37 pounds on day two, and that put Randy in second when added to day one's total. He had 43.47 after the second day. But it was enought to move Bobby into third place, with a total weight of 38.12. Ronny Gazaway rounded out the top four with a two dy weight of 37.18. Nice Going Guys! The club caught 77 fish for a total weight of 254.02 pounds.. Average weight was 3.30 pounds.

Randy Morrison 10.80

Atascosa Bass Club also fished Falcon over the weekend, and they had good results also. Craig White led the contest from wire to wire. On Saturday he had 28.58 pounds, and he told me at the store that he had no good fish.. Let's see.. 28.58 divided by 5... Naught from Naught leaves Naught and carry the one and uhhh.. I figgure that 5.71 pounds per fish is pretty darn good.. I'm gonna have to have a talk with that boy. I'm sure he had no good fish on Sunday either as he brought 24.80 to the scale, and finished with 53.38 pounds. Jim Marsh had 23.35 on Saturday, and 17.20 on Sunday to take second place honors, and I am sure he did not have any good fish either.. He had a two day total of 40.56 pounds. In third was Ted Wayland, with 13.95 on Saturday and a nice 21.31 on Sunday. He finished with 35.27 for the two day total. I hear that most of the better fish were caught on plastics in 7-8 feet of water.

Alice Bass Club fished a one day affair on Sunday, and after all the boats were on the trailers Justin Snelling finished on top with 21.11 pounds, He also had big bass of the contest with a nice 6.55 pound fish. In second was Sandy Vela with 20.64, and in third was Victor Perez, with 17.77 pounds. Both Sandy and Victor had big fives in their bags.. The Alice club had eighteen anglers attend the event and there were a lot of mid-teen weights brought to the scale. I hear that most fish were caught with big soft plastics in less than six feet of water. Thanks to Sandy Vela for this report.

February 13, 2008: The clubs in town over last weekend had some pretty good results, and I will tell you what I know..

Universal City Bass Club brought 48 folks to town to fish Falcon, and as you might imagine, a few of tem really found the fish and put a whuppin on em.' Jeff Mergle had 26.62 pound on Saturday, including a great 9.18 pound beauty. On Sunday he had 18.05, enough to keep him on top to win the event by about five pounds. Weldon Pierce finished second, with a two day weight of 39.62, and in third was Emile Larose, with 37.43. Big bass was caught by Lee Rihn and it tipped the scale to the tune of 9.34 pounds.

In the couples division was Larry and Patt Martin, with 19 fish for 66.93 pounds, and heavy team was Stan McHardy and Weldon Pierce with twenty fish for 73.70 pounds.

In the boys division was it was Garrett Tschirhart with three fish for 8.35 pounds, and in the girls division, Kasey Hunter had one fish for 2.84.

We at FLT commend UCBC for getting the family involved in fishing. Way to go guys! (And Gals)

Shade is Good!Amen!

San Antonio Bass Club brought twenty eight members to town, and the top three finishers all ended up with decent stringers of fish. Cody Glasscock had ten fish for 45.58 pounds, enought to take top honors. Rodney Marbach also had a limit both days, and his two day weight was 37.78. In third with eight fish for the two days was Wayne Bell, who had 30.83 pounds. Big bass was caught by Joe Aker, and it weighed 8.o4 pounds.

In the PeeWee division was Travis Saenez with six fish for 16.50.. And Dillon Orne had one bass, but it was s good one at 5.33. You adults better watch out for Travis..


In the Ladies division it was Kathy Woodruff with 13.70 pounds, and in second was LillianGutierrez with 8.23.

Average fish weight in this tourney was 3.19 pounds.

Once again, Thanks for getting the family involved! Congrats to the winners!

Send me those fish pics!

February 5, 2008: There are three bass clubs coming to town this weekend. In no Particular order, they are Universal City Bass Club, Helotes Bass Club, and San Antonio Bass Club. If you are a member of one of these clubs and you only get to fish a few tournaments a year, I recommmend that you make this one. These fish are on the move to the shallows. I am not saying that every fish in the lake is on the nest... But a lot are.. And more are on the way.. We have some decent weather predicted for this weekend, for whatever that's worth, and the fishing should be off the charts.. If you manage to get in the right spot at the right time you can get Sunday Fed in a hurry. We'll update the Flash Report as warranted in the next few days. Put some new braid on your stick and get down here!

January 25, 2008: I finally got the final results in from Freedom Bass club last weekend.. Ira Lynn brought in the heaviest stringer of the tournament on Sunday, and he made the leap from third to first. His sack weighed 23.08, and it was about six pounds heavier than anybody elses.. Janet Zipperer also brought in a five fish limit that weighed 14.08, and it secured second place for her. Taking third place was Troy Zipperer, with a second day bag of 15.08.. Guest Angler Jim Carroll caught the big fish of the weekend on Sunday with a 9.94 pound hog.. Somebody send me a picture please!

Alamo Bass Club was also at Falcon this month and and from what I understand Bryan Jones continued his winning ways by weighing in 22.71 pounds. Bryan was their club champion last year. S. Eche had 16.99 pounds for second, and in third was G. Whitaker with 16.45 pounds. Jones also ahd the big fish with a 7.07...

There are no club tourneys that I know of this weekend.. But lots of fishermen in town..

January 21, 2008: We have some updated tourney info from over theweekend.. We were unable to attend some of the weigh-ins on Sunday. First of all here is Martha Sutherland with her fish from Saturday.


The Atascosa Bass Club top finishers all had limits both days, but were a little dissapointed with their overall results. Fishing was tough on most anglers. But with fluctuating water levels and cold water, that can happen. Finishing on top of the heap was Shane Pfullman, with a respectable two day total of 34.28 pounds. His big bass was a 5.40. In second was Julius Vrana with 33.74, and rounding out the top three was Terry Vrana, with 32.15 pounds. Pat Whites 6.38 fish held up for big bass.

SAPD Bass Busters finished as follows. Robert Amos held on to finish on top with a two day total of 39.76 pounds. That's a decent job considering the conditions. Congrats Robert! In second was Richie Evans and he carried 26.31 pounds of fish to the scale. And in third was Richard Drzymala with 24.39 pounds.

In the womens race Mel Villarreal held on to take top honors with 22.01 pounds. Her 10.03 pound beauty held up for big bass of the tournament. Tommy Joyner also caught a whopper at 9.97 pounds. Special thanks to Johnny Barnes for the final day results. Here is a couple of pics from Saturdays big bass..

Mel Villarreal

Tommy Joyner

We are still chasing other tourney results and will post ASAP!

January 19, 2008: There were a lot of anglers that got a late start this morning.. And it's not because their alarms didn't go off. Air temps were at about 38 degrees at sun up, and there were plenty of wet boats as we received about a quarter inch of rain last night. It did not make for the best looking day to fish, but the sun popped out mid morning and really helped make things at least bearable. Results varied from poor to pretty good, as far as Falcon standards go. We made it to three out of five weigh ins and here's what happened.. If we did not make it to your clubs weigh in we apologize.. Please e-mail us your results and pics an we'll get em posted..

SAPD had twenty nine fishermen and women make the trip to Falcon, and the when the weig-hin was done, Robert Amos had the heavy stringer with 21.90 pounds. Johnny Barnes had 15.09 for second place, and Robert Evans rounded out the top thiree with 14.65. Ms. Mel Villarreal had the heavy bass of the day with a 10.03 pound whopper. Unfortunately we were not there before it was released.. But I am promised a picture of it.. Tommy Joiner had the second big bass with a fish weighing 9.97 pounds. If it were me I'd of snuck a few drops of water in the bag.. Most of the fish were caught on soft plastics, including the big bass of the day..

SAPD after Gathering

Freedom Bass Club brought seventeen anglers to Falcon to contest their first tournament of the year, and their results were typical of the day. There were several limits and there were several zeros..When the dust cleared Janet Zipperer had the heavy stringer and the big bass of the day. Her best five weighed 18.03, and she had a 7.01 for big fish honors.

Janet Zipperer

Scott Hutzler is always near the top of the field and he brought 17.14 to the scales for second place. In third was Ira Lynn with 17.05. Janet was willing to tell me that she caught her big fish on a Yamamoto Spider Grub.. Looked like Watermelon Pepper to me.. In the Three inch size or so..

And the last weigh-in we were able to attend was the Atascosa Bass Club, who weighed in at 4:00 at Beacon. They had twelve fishermen in the race, and Shane Pfullman brought in 19.02 pounds for first place after day one. He also had a 5.40 for his biggest fish. In second was Terry Vranna with 18.27, and he also had a good fish in his sack at 5.64. Julius Vranna barely made it into third with 16.22, barely out ouncing Keith Sutherland who brought in 16.16.

But the two big bass of the day belonged to the ladies, as Pat White brought in a 6.38 beauty, and Martha Sutherland was just behind her with a 6.16. I apologize to Martha for not having her pic here.. Some how I have corrupted the file.. But I' working on it.. We'll have day two results tomorrow!

Pat White 6.38


January 14, 2008: Well the hullabaloo in Zapata is winding down with the mass exodus of the Stren Series anglers and their entourage. If you have not heard or did not watch or attend the weigh-ins then here is a news flash for you. These guys caught a lot of fish. And some quality fish at that. I believe there were over ten fish that weighed over ten pounds brought to the scales. There were also two over twelve, with the larger just missing the thirteen pound mark. And I can tell you that after attending the weigh-ins the fishermen were impressed with the lake. I will leave this link below for a while till the Stren folks take the page down.

Stren Results and Story

We have a lot of clubs coming to town this weekend. We look forward to the spring visits from all of you and we hope you stop by the store and see us.

January 7, 2008: The South Texas Five and the Alice Bass Club both held their respective tournaments on Sunday, and some participants fished both events. The South Texas Five opener for the year drew only fifteen teams, which came as a surprise to the organizers, as well as me. I thought a lot of folks would want to test the water in the new year.

Finishing in first place with a stringer weighing 25.15 pounds was the team of Parks and Glenny. Alan also had the big bass of the tourney with a nice 8.06 fish.

Top left is Russell Getschmann with 6.90.

Martinez and Martinez finished in second, with a very respectible 22.97.

Rounding out the top three was the team of Getschmann and Barker, and and they had second big bass with a fish weighing in at 6.90 pounds.

8.06 Alan Parks(I hope)

There were three more stringers of twenty pounds or more, and all the anglers participating reported catching fish. Spinner baits were reportedly catching a lot of fish, especially on the lower end of the lake. Soft plastics were also catching fish. From what most of the fishermen said, bites were very light, and fishing slow was the key to getting bites. But once you got a fish on, all subtleness was out the window.. Emily Ball was the ladies champ..

The Alice Bass Club had a Team tournament and it was won by Mingo Dominguez and his partner, with a stringer of 20.91 pounds. Mingo had a 6.48 to go with their nice bag of fish.

Fernand Amador had a 6.51 pound fish for Big Bass of the event, and he and his partner had a second place sack of 18.92 pounds.

Sandy Vela and Max Gonzales finished third with 17.66 pounds. Sandy said fishing slow was the key to catching all their fish. I agree... I want to apologize for any name/picture association mistakes in advance.. I lost my "who was wearing which shirt" cheat sheet.

January 3, 2008: Registration for The South Texas Five tournament on Sunday will be held here at Falcon Lake Tackle, on Saturday, January 5th, starting at 4:00 PM. Tournament hours and weigh-in times will be discussed at registration. For more info or to make special arrangements for registration, call Bill Stipp at 361-384-0257. This will be our first tournament of the new year here at Falcon, and the first in a while. It should give us a good barometer on what is happening here on Falcon, and maybe a preview of what's to come next week for the Stren Tournament..

December 21, 2007: There have been no tournaments in the last few weeks, and we do not know of any scheduled before the South Texas Five, the first weekend of January. Of course the FLW is starting the middle of the next week, on the 9th. Lots of Pre-Fishing going on. We hope to see you and your club this spring.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 3, 2007 The Quality Bass Club finished up their two day tournament with a 1:00 weigh in at the county ramp. And although they did not slay em, they did have better results than on day one. Brian Scarberry came from the shadows to take top honors with a day two weight of 8.12 pounds, and the big bass of the tournament of 4.36 pounds. Mike Robbins finished second with a total weight of 7.05 pounds, and day one leader Cathy Leach slid to third with 6.01 pounds.

These anglers were treated to some tough conditions on Saturday and on Sunday most folks did not venture too far from the county ramp in Zapata. It was good to meet many of you and we appreciate you stopping in the store. Hopefully your next trip to Falcon will treat you a little better.

December 1, 2007: The Quality Bass Club is in town this weekend, and we saw several of of their members thru the store yesterday. And we saw all of them at the weigh in today at 3:00 at the County Ramp. It was tough sledding for all the fishermen as high winds that gusted to 33 miles per hour made the fishing tough. There were no limits weighed in and most folks had one to three fish. In first place after day one is Cathy Leach, with two fish weighing in at 3.86 pounds. Big Bass of the day was a 3.08 caught by Stephan Brooks. Mike Kitchen is in third with 2.62. The club brought about 10-12 fishermen to town.

These results were typical of the reports that we heard in the store today. And folks who caught 30-40 fish yesterday said thay had a very hard time of it today. And most people that were not fishing a tournament gave in early to the gale winds. As did we..

Quality Bass Club Members

November 20, 2007: The Alice bass club was also in town last weekend to fish a one day tourney on Sunday the 18th. Now I understand why there were so many trailers at the County Ramp. Fifty One contestants showed up to fish the event. And according to Sandy Vela, who was nice enought to forward this report, only about 40% of the anglers weighed fish. It was a three fish format, and Ricky Garcia took top honors with a 14.48 pound stringer, that included a 9.38 pound big bass. In second was Justin Snelling with 13.31 pounds. Brandon Wheatly Rounded out the top thre with a 12.66 stringer. The top five places all had over a four pound average per fish. The story goes that the top three finishers all caught many of their fish on spinnerbaits in seven to nine feet of water.

So it sounds like the spinner bait bite is really starting to get going as this confirms what the folks from Atascosa Bass Club had reported. The good news is that there are still alot of fish out there that have not seen a spinner bait yet. And we have a lot of em'.

November 19, 2007: Atascosa Bass club results are in and as usual this club was able to catch some impressive stringers of fish. We saw a few of their members thru the store and we really appreciate you folks coming by.

After day one Craig White was leading the pack with 21.02 pounds. In second was Ted Wayland with a 18.09, and in third was Terry Vrana with 17.33. Terry had a 7.38 big bass, but I believe it was caught on Sunday.

On Sunday Jim Marsh jumped from fifth to the top of the heap with a very impressive stringer that weighed in at 27.73 pounds, anchored by a 8.03 pound whopper. He also had a 6.14 and a 5.51 during the tourney. The winning weight was 43.68 pounds, and that's over a 4.3 pound average..Do that somewhere else.. Nice Job Jim!

Finishing in Second was day one leader Craig White with second day bag of 20.92, and a total weight of 41.9 pounds. And in third was Pat White with a two day weight of 37.79 pounds. She had 16.87 on Saturday, and 20.92 on Sunday.

The top three stringers were caught primarily on Jo-Baby spiner baits, purchased at Falcon Lake Tackle. Thanks! Fish were said to be caught off the bean bushes and brush in 9-11 feet of water.

We do have a new supply of Jo-Baby's in stock if you need or want some.

Thanks Craig White for the Report!

Austin Bass Club continued their assault on the fish on Sunday, and when the two-stroke smoke cleared Keith Nichols followed up his day one stringer with 20.92, good enough to hang on to the top spot and a two day total weight of 47.93 pounds. Do that somewhere else. In second place after day two was Bobby Landes, with a two day weight of 41.04 pounds. His second day weight was 17.85. Rounding out the top three was Aaron Glynn, who had the big bag on Sunday, at 23.38 pounds, bringing his two day total to 37.64. He just barely out ounced Jake Jakubowsky who finished fourth with 37.14.

Team winners were: 1st Nichols/Glynn 85.57 pounds. 2nd Jakubowsky/Koraska 71.54pounds. 3rd Parish/Landes 64.89 pounds.

Yeah.. These guys caught some fish.. The third place team averaged 3.24 pounds a fish. Not to bad for a little pond like Falcon. (First place averaged 4.27)

It was good to meet all you guys and we'll see you next time!


November 17, 2007: There are two bass clubs in town this weekend; Atascosa and Austin Bass Clubs. Their weigh in times were too close together to attend both, and were at different locations.. So I flipped a coin. I hear that Atascosa was being led after day one by Craig White.. And that the big bass was a five something.. There.. Now that's a heck of a report for you.. I am promised detailed results in a day or so.. They are also fishing tomorrow..

So I guess you figgured by now that I went to Austin Bass clubs weigh in at Oso Blanco. It took me a few minutes to figgure out the format of their tournament, and my ignorance may lead to some inaccuracies.. But I hope not. Austin Bass Club fishes a team format, but also keeps individual stringer weights. There. Now that's not so hard is it..

With individual heavy stringer was Keith Nichols, with 26.99 pounds. He had the big bass of the day with a 8.53 pound Fattie. If I have not screwed it up that means that he and his partner Aaron Glynn have a total weight of 41.25 pounds. Aaron had a five fish sack that weighed 14.26.

Keith Nichols 8.53 plus..

Here is Brian with a 6.18

Bobby Landis with two nice fish.. One a 5.84..

In second place for individual heavy stringer is Bobby Landis with a 23.79 pound bag. He had a 5.84 big bass. Brian Koraska had the third heavy stringer with 16.90, and had a heavy fish of 6.18 pounds. Just on his heels was John Gibbons with a 16.33 pound sack.


November 10th and 11th 2007: McAllen Bass Anglers were in town to fish a two day event that headquartered out of the State Park. Some wonderful air tenperatures were on hand for the fishermen, but the blow was on and it made fishing any unprotected water a bit of an adventure. Twenty anglers made the trip and after day one Eddie Kucia was jusy barely in the lead with a nice sack of 18.66 pounds. Just behind was Martin Contreras with 18.43, and in third was Joe Martinez with 17.30. I hear that Martin Contreras had the big fish somewhere between seven and eight pounds, but I have no exact weight or picture.. If someone has one, please forward it to me..

On day two Lee Kelly had the heavy stringer with 15.05 pounds, but on Saturday he had only brought three fish to the scales. His total weight was 22.96 pounds, good enough for a fifth place finish overall. First day leader Kucia was able to bring in a limit that weighed 14.29 pounds on Sunday, and that was enought to keep him on top. His two day total was 32.95 pounds. Joe Martinez held on to second with a total of 30.92 pounds after fetching a decent stringer the second day also, with 13.62 pounds. Brantley Billman finished in third with a two day total of 27.42 pounds. The top four finishers all had limits both days. The club caught a total of 135 bass that weighed 337.88 pounds for an average of 2.5 pounds per fish. This info was gleaned from McAllen Bass Anglers site, and an e-mail from a member. Thanks for contributing. P.S. Your site looks good!

November 6 2007 The results from Seguin Bass Club were forwarded to me from Dennis Weaver.. Thanks!

"I won the 2 day total with 36.88 and 7.78 big bass. Randy Smith came in 2nd with 30.68. and Billy Cheatham came in 3rd with 20.89. We did not actually weigh the best 5 fish in my boat with Ranndy Smith fishing with me, but a close estimate would be 33 lbs. Sat. and 28 lbs. Sunday. That would be 10 fish for 61 lbs....not too shabby! Most of our fish were on soft plastics around brushy drop offs."

Dennis Weaver 7.78 Big Bass

I would say that is not too shabby at all! Dennis did say that they did throw a lot of 10" worms in dark colors, and their best fishing was on some steep drops with brush on them. I agree.. If you are not tied to the house or deer lease this is an awesome time to fish Falcon!

November 3 2007: Seguin Bass club is in town this weekend and we understand that they are fishing out of the State Park area. Some of their folks were thru the store and and we should have some results tomorrow or Monday.. I guess not all of the folks from Seguin are hunting the sand hills this weekend. I hear there are some good bucks running the river bottoms south of town this year.. We'll see..

October 27 2007: The Atascosa Bass club was in town over the weekend and we have Saturdays results. Shane Pfullman was in the lead after day one with a five fish stringer of 26.92 pounds. He had a 7.88 big bass to help with that bag of fish. In second place was Pat White with 21.26, and she had a 6.14 to go with some other quality fish. In third was Tinker Pfullman and he brought 15.52 to the scales. Those Pfullman boys are always in the hunt. There were only ten anglers competing from the info I have. There was also an 7.11 and a 6.95 caught. Dub Billings had second big bass on Saturday with the 7.11.. We will post the Sunday results when we get them..

On Sunday Shane Pfullman was able to hold off the pack and ended up with a two day weight of 37.88 pounds to take first place. Here's a pic of Shane with a couple of nice fish. I'd a been showing a few teeth if I was holding em!

Finishing in Second Place was Pat White, with a two day total of 30.4 pounds. She only had four fish on Sunday but it was enough to hang on to the number two spot. In third was Terry Vrana with a two day total of 27.85. He had a day two bag of 15.15 to jump him into the top three. Congrats to the winners! Atascosa will be back this month we hear for another round.

October 22 2007: Opec Tournament results are as follows! First palce was Haralson and Bauer with 34.2 pounds.A second place weight of 32.33 pounds was recorded by Hinojosa and Belosantos Jr. Coming in third was Lackey and Lackey with 31.16 pounds. I do not have prize ammounts and first names but I will get them posted ASAP. If anyone out there has any pictures please e-mail them to me! Thanks!


October 22 2007:

The final results are in from the Bass Champs North and East divisions championship here at Lake Falcon. And some movement in the top ten definately occurred from day one. Taking top honors and the grand prize of $30,000 was the team of Vincent Neal and Kyle Rowe. They came in with a very impressive (two day) ten fish limit of 57.08 pounds. They were in third when the day started. Willie Bensley and and Michael Hulsey finished second with a total weight of 50.94 pounds, and were rewarded with a check for $15,000. Rounding out the top three was the team of JD Laughery and Tommy Climer Jr. They received $10,000 for their efforts..

Saturdays leaders, Shonn Blassingame and Shane Elmore slipped to slipped to finish in 10th place.

Jeff Scrifes' 10.66 bass from Saturday held up for big bass of the contest and he received $2000 pus a $2000 bonus.

There were a lot of stories of big fish lost and lots of fish caught . The methods used ran the gamut of fishing styles and presentations, and I did not hear a negative word on the fishery. As usual the Bass Champs folks were well organized and ran a smooth weigh in, keeping fish out of the water for a minimal ammount of time, hopefully leading to a minimum of dead fish.

We had hundreds of folks thru our doors and we want to again thank all of you for stopping in. Without your support we could not be here. Thanks again!

Top To Bottom: 1. Neal and Rowe 2. Bensley and Hulsey 3. Laughery and Climer


October 21 2007

The Bass Champs north and east divisions invaded Zapata this weekend, and the results from day one are in. It took us a while to get them posted as we have been crazy busy down here at the store .

In first place after the first day of competition is the team of Blassingame and Elmore with a total five fish weight of 27.22 pounds. That's not too shabby, even for Falcon standards. In an almost dead heat with them in second place is the team of Turner and Winans, with a 27 pound bag. The team of Neal and Rowe is third with 26.04 pounds. All these weights are unofficial, but should hold up. The big bass of the day was caught by Jeff Scrifes, and it weighed in at 10.66.

Jeff Scrifes 10.66!

There are still a lot of dogs in the hunt as there were a lot of teams with weights in the twentys. And anything can happen on day two, especially here on Falcon.

Not a whole lot of info was given up on the podium, but we heard reports of fish being caught on everything from flukes to shakey head jigs. But flipping the bushes still seems to be the most productive method of catching quality limits. There were 10 fish caught over eight pounds yesterday, and two over ten. And of course there were the stories of big fish that escaped. We sold a lot of braid on Saturday evening.


The OPEC Tourney is also this weekend and we hear that a 21pound stringer is leading after day one. That's three fish folks..Pretty salty. There are 63 teams entered we hear we will have more info soon on who and what. Stay tuned!


October 15, 2007: There were at least six bass clubs in town over the weekend, and we have some partial results from a couple of them. I attended the Uvalde Bass Club weigh in on Saturday afternoon at the county ramp. The fish brought to the scales were less than sensational, and there were only three or four limits weighed. Josh Hiler had the big bass at 6.54 pounds, and heavy stringer with 16.56. Jimbo Beard was in second place with 14.82 pounds. Both had a five fish limit. Johnny Caballero had a fish that weighed 5.13 for second Big Bass. Bill Surber(sp) was came in Third with 12.10 pounds. Uvalde fished two separate one day tourneys and I do not yet have the results from Sunday. (Cowboys) I have some nice pics of their fish.. Unfortunately my camera is in Zapata and today I am in San Antonio. I'll post them this weekend.

The Georgetown Bass Club was also in town and weighed in at the county ramp as well. They win the Ironman trophy hands down as they fished till 5:00. David Lindell was in first place after Saturdays fishing with 21.14, anchored by a 7 pound big bass. Big bass of the day was caught by Gerry Witt, and it was right at 9 pounds. I do not have final results from their two days of fishing.

The South Texas Bass Anglers Association was also in town and there were a few good stringers weighed in both days. Ralph Celedon Brought in 21.12 on Saturday anchored by a 7.3, a 6.12, and some more solid fish. Dan Lejman had the big fish of the day at 8.00 and a bag of 15.90. Sunday was windy and the fish were biting early. Ralph Celedon again brought in a nice stringer of 19.6 and had the top two day stringer at 40.72. Fred Vannoy had the big fish on Sunday with a 6.70, and that helped him finish in Second place with a two day total of 28.05. Fish were caught on topwaters in the shallows, but better bass came from deeper water. Spinner baits and brush hogs were also working for these anglers. (report courtesy of Ralph Celedon)

Ralph Celedon



The McAllen Bass Anglers were also in town this weekend. This report is courtesy of Al Malone.

Eighteen club members fished this individual, 2-day tournament out of the State Park. There was a three fish daily limit to help prevent fish mortality, as the water temperature was still around 84 degrees. Limiting the number of fish in the livewells proved successful, as all but one fish was released in good condition, and it went for somebody's dinner. The lake level had stabilized at 289+ feet. Although Saturday winds were moderate, Sunday proved to be more difficult with strong Southerly winds creating 4-5' waves. Congratulations go to Brantley Billman for his 1st place, 2 day (6 fish) stringer weighing 20.24 lbs, and to John Struthers, for his 2nd place heavy stringer weighing 16.86 lbs. Brantley said that the bite was really subtle, that if you felt that your plastic bait was hitting a tree limb, it was probably a fish, so he set the hook! He was fishing in the treetops, at around 10-15', he said. So there you go, OPEC and Basschamps guys/gals, good luck!

I must apologize for the incomplete results, but there was just too much ground to cover last weekend. There were a lot of folks in town and a lot of folks thru the store. And we really enjoyed meeting many of you.

Bass Champs is bringing a lot of anglers to town this weekend we hear, and the O.P.E.C. tourney is also being held out of the State Park. I believe they will be weighing in at different ends of the lake. This weekend should be a good barometer of what is happening on the lake, and we'll let you know what happens.. Water still 84 degrees. Please take precautions with your fish in the livewells.


October 8 2007: The San Antonio Metropolitan League of Bass Clubs held their 33rd annual competition between member clubs, and the results are in.

Rebel Bass Club came out on top with a total weight of 234.82 pounds. Universal City Bass Club was second with 223.17 pounds, and San Antonio Bass Club rounded out the top three with 166.65. These total weights were arrived at by taking the best two day stringers of the top eight anglers from each club. That is about a three pound average for the fish from the first place team. Not all two day stringers consisted of ten fish.

Ron Carter won the Tournament of Champions with a two day weight of 41.10 pounds, just barely out ouncing fellow club member Matt Rigby who came in second with 40.91. Both of these anglers fish with Rebel Bass Club. Scott Hutzler from Freedom Bass Club came in third with 35.15 pounds.

Big bass of the tourney was caught on Saturday by Matt Rigby and it weighed in at 9.73 pounds. On Sunday the big fish was 8.53 pounds caught by David Glenny of Universal City Bass Club. Hopefully someone will e-mail me some pictures of these fish. We'd love to make you famous here at Falcon Lake Tackle..

Matt Rigby 9.73 Metro Big Bass

The Ladies TOC was won by Ngarm Ball with a two day total of 25.84. Pat Martin was second with 23.72, and third place finisher was Lilian Guiterrez with 19.01.

The Junior Division was won by Jason Kalinowski with a 16.8 pound two day total.

If you would like a complete list of anglers and weights e-mail me and I'll send it along..

Congratulations to all the winners and we'll see you next time!


September 22-23 2007 Universal City Bass Club was in town to hold their September club tourney, and maybe try to locate some fish for the upcoming Metro Tourney. These guys always seem to be in the thick of things when it comes to Metro. Tom Mix was leading the pack after Saturdays fishing, with four fish for 23 pounds, with a 8.54 kicker. Justin Bauer was in second we hear, and he had a 8.29 pound fish. We do not have a lot of detail about Sundays results, but we did hear that Justin Bauer ended up on top with a two day weight of 39.86 pounds. Send us those big fish pics! If not I'll be forced to put up pictures of me holding fish... And nobody wants to see that!

We also heard that Freedom Bass Club had a 7.5 pound fish.. Rebel Bass Club caught some fish.. That's not a lot of info.. These guys must have a tournament coming up or something..

And I imagine that we will be a little short on Info for the next couple of weeks.. They must have all stepped on rusty nails.. Lots of cases of Lockjaw around..

September 17 2007: There were at least four bass clubs in town over the weekend, and there was a mixed bag of results. While most folks located and caught fish, there were a few that did not fare so well. And then there were a few "Bite of a Lifetime" fish mixed in.. Three fish over ten pounds were caught this weekend, but my info on who caught them is not too clear,, I do have a pic of two of them, but only one identified fisherman. Please e-mail me with any corrections and names you might have.

Cen-Tex Bass Club: These folks had a small contingent of fishermen make it to Falcon, but one of their group caught a really nice bass that stretched the spring to 12.88 lbs. That's a whopper in anybody's book. Darrel Wuensch and partner Marty Long were in the lead after day one with about 26 pounds. I am not too sure of their tourney format. Please e-mail me w/ more details if you know..Victor Gomez and Ken Miller were in second with 16 lbs.. Pete Trevino Caught the big fish.. We hear his partner Rose Marie Trevino did an excellent netting job.. See Pic Below.


San Antonio Bass Club was also at Falcon, and I do not have a lot of details about their results. But Results I do have and they are as follows: At the top of the class was Tracey Tolbert with 52.9 lbs. (These are all two day weights) He had an 8.7 and a 8.1. No details on how.. Richard Drake was second with 39.1 pounds and Steve Coors was third with nine fish for 27.2 pounds... In the Ladies Division it was Lillian Gutierrez with10.4 lbs with four fish. And in the Pee-Wee division it was Dylon Orne with four fish also for 11 pounds.

Please Identify these fishermen for me and verify weights!!(Of the fish..)

Dylon Orne with 5.4 pounder. Atta Boy!

South Texas Bass Anglers Association Was also at Falcon.. Here is a report from Ralph Celedon:

The South Texas Bass Angler's Association had their September club tournament at Falcon this weekend. The two day event was slow. On staurday Dan Lejman lead with 10.88 and Fred Vannoy with 10.69. Think that the Frdiay night strom slowed the fishing down totally. There was no big fish just a couple of 3's. We saw the water level go up some buy sunday. Fishing resumed on sunday. Again, Dan brought in a 16.14 (all soild 3 pounders) stringer with Freddy still coming in second. The fish were on plastic lizards and senkos. NO particular color.


Gracias! Ralph Celedon


Our Buddy Al Malone with McAllen Bass Anlglers sent us this report from his clubs weekend:

Here's a quick report on our September 15-16 tournament: Twenty anglers competed in our September team tournament, with a 5 fish limit/boat/day. On Saturday, 5 teams brought in their 5 fish limit, and Sunday, 6 teams brought in their limit. Apparently you either found them or didn't. The team of Jessie Warren and Jess Valadez were the winners with 31.71 pounds for the two days (10 fish total). Second place team was Lalo Alvarado and Tony Garcia with 30.25 pounds. Most of the fish our team found were in the stickups in 11-13' of water. Most bass were caught on plastic creature baits. Like always, watermelon/red flake was one of the best colors. Attached is a photo of new member Terry Scotts' 7.3 lb big bass.

You gotta watch those new guys Al.. Hope you didn't loose any Money to him already..

Terry Scott 7.13 Big Bass

September 13, 2007 - SWRI had 13 teams here this last weekend and reported good catches in 6' to 16' of water. The water temp was close to 90 degrees and they had success on Rat-L-Traps, plastics, crank baits and spinner baits. Doug Black had big bass of 6.72# and came in 5th with 26.32#. Rick Pompa came in 1st with a catch of 36.58# for 10 fish. Bill Herrera was 2nd with 33.88#, Jerry Campos 3rd with 32.48# and Jeff Kolinoski was 4th with 26.44#.

SAPD was also here over the weekend, but have not received a report. Heard someone in their club had two eight pounders.


August 28 2007:

The Atascosa Bass club held a Two Lake Roadrunner for their August tourney, with the choices being Choke or Falcon. Because of proximity, most of the fishermen ended up at Choke. Here is a report provided courtesy of Craig White.

Most of our club members that did turn out went to Choke since it was a Choke-Falcon roadrunner and Choke is so much closer for them. One stringer from choke trumped the Falcon stringers, it was Terry Vrana and he flipped deep grass and had a two day total of 34.51. For the Falcon stringers I had heavy stringer with 32.82, Shane Pfullman 29.90, Ted Wayland 29.63 and Tinker Pfullman 26.85. All weights also being two day totals. The big fish were just not to be had this weekend it seemed at least not for our guys. There was several 4lbers and only one 6lber. I did manage to have a 9+ on and in the top of a bush that I could not get in the boat before loosing her, she was in 8 feet of water. As far as numbers of fish they were not the usual Falcon summer time numbers but we all seemed to find and cull fish throughout the day. The fish I was on seemed to all be on points, main and secondary. I did not find any fish on rocks, beaver dens, brush piles or in the back of creeks. Just not a good tournament for Falcon, weight wise or fisherman turn out.

Thanks Craig

I hear thru the Grapevine (Metro Meeting Report) that the San Antonio Bass Club will be at Falcon on Sept. 15th and 16th, and that Universal City Bass Club, and Rebel Bass Club will be down on the 22nd and 23rd of September. And of course the TABC state tourney will be held on the weekend of September 29th and 30th. Also just found out that McAllen Bass Anglers will be here on the weekend of the 15th and 16th also. So September is shaping up to be a busy month around here. And then things really get crazy in October. And I'm not talking about Wurstfest.. See our tournament schedule page for upcoming events. We hope to see you when you come to town. Stop by the store and say Howdy!

August 11-2007

The Alice Bass Club also fished on Sunday, and they went to a well conceived three fish limit for this hot weather tourney. The heavy stringer weighed in by Noe was 18.15 pounds. Sandy Vela weighed in the Second heavy stringer with 17.86 pounds. In third place was Victor Perez with 17.11. We commend all clubs for transporting fewer fish at this time of year.

August 10-11-2007 McAllen Bass Club

Twenty two members fished a Team Tourmment format Saturday and Sunday, and weighed in at the state park. On saturday, with the rising lake levels, fish were widely scattered, but most teams managed their five fish limits, despite the 103 degree heat. Sunday was thankfully cooler after the overnight showers, but it seemed harder to locate biting fish. Nevertheless the team of Brantley Billman and Eddie Kucia managed good stringers both days for a total of 46.77 pounds, including the big fish of 9.34 pounds. Second place honors went to John Struthers and Andy Silva with 34.02 pounds. Rounding out the top three was the team of Joe Martinez and David Trevino, Their stringer weighed in at 25.87 pounds. These weights are all two day, ten fish totals. Billman and Kucia reportedly caught their fish on Watermelon Red Brushogs off hardwoods, next to deep water..

Billmans 7lb Bass

July 13,2007: Charlie Thompson and Bill Engle were in the store today acquainting us with the procedures they are following this weekend on the first of the San Antonio Bass Club's paper tournaments scheduled for the summer. The recognition of the vulnerability of fish carried in live wells for a day's fishing and the desire to assure live releases of fish caught during the summer have resulted in the San Antonio Bass Club's taking the lead among all area clubs in holding paper tournaments. In these tournaments each of the fishermen and women will measure the length of their biggest five fish and use a conversion chart patterened off the TPWD conversion chart to convert length to weight. The fish will be released immediately after measrement. A copy of the working chart is attached for other club's usage. This is a good alternative to catch, haul, and die procedures typical of most summer tournaments. If a bigger fish is caught the smaller fish can be culled with a pencil,

The winner of the tournament with 49.6 Lbs was Tracy Tolbert fishing with his son, Payden. Their fish came from 7 -10 Ft of water which was 86 Degrees. Their Big Bass won the big Bass pot and it weighed 9.7 Lbs. Payden had a 7 Lb big bass. The fish were caught on a combination of watermelon red brush hogs and magnum lizards. The big bass took a Berkley Watermelon Pearl Power Hawg.

Richard Drake took second heavy stringer with 47 Lbs and Wayne Bell took third with 34.5 Lbs. Lillian Gutierrez took Ladies Heavy Stringer honors with 14.3 Lbs.

The good news is that all fish caught were released alive. Congratulations to the San Antonio Bass Club for taking the lead and holding a paper tournament and for teaching all the young folks a good lesson in conservation.

July 14-15, 2007:There were eight teams with a 5 fish limit per boat that fished the McAllen Bass Anglers tournament out of the State Park. All but a couple of the fish were released in good condition. Lalo Alvarado and Tony Garcia won with a 2 day total of 35 lbs (23.83 lbs on Sunday alone, including two 8 pounders). Martin Contreras and Juan Rivera got 2nd with 30.33 lbs. Al Malone and Dezi Lopez ended up in 3rd place with 30.04 lbs , including Dezi's Big Bass weighing 9.63 lbs . We missed several bass because the bite was really subtle. The lowest 2 day weight with 8 teams was 22 1/2 lbs Most of the fish were caught on creature baits and other plastics, in the usual colors, an some on crankbaits. With the rising water the fish were pretty scattered and at various depths. You either found them or didn't. Some liked the newly flooded weeds, but most were still deep. Sorry, no photos, the 103* heat cooked my camera batteries. We are still accepted new members. If anyone is interested, please see our website under "Links" Thanks to Al Malone for the report.

July 1, 2007: Capital Bass Club:The club held their tournament this weekend and enjoyed some good results. Gary Flint had the heavy stringer of 53 8 Oz. Dean Waldon was a very close second with 53 Lbs. The fish were caught on a combination of deep plastics and crankbaits. Third and forth place weighed 47 and 44 lbs respectively and Jack and Michael Waldrop were fifth with 43 lbs. Thanks to Jack Waldrop for the results because we were unable to attend the weigh in held at the State Park.

The hall of fame fishing tournament was held at Oso Blanca lodge this weekend.

The Hall of Fame Legends tournament as held this weekend and our neighbor James Bendele provided this report:

Fished the Zapata Chamber of Commerce "Legends" tournament over the last weekend. It was a well run Tournament and the organizers took special care of the fish, and even went as far as having a Private Fisheries Biologist on hand to pamper any fish that were stressed or not feeling too well.

There were also many other festivities going on during the weekend, but fishing till 4:00 both days kinda takes the urge to join a Conga line after dark out of you. But this is supposed to be a fishing report and not a social happenings review. There were 52 teams entered, from what I understand, and I believe that was in the same range as the inaugural event last year. The weather was fantastic for the first week in July.. With Highs in the low to mid 90's. The tournament had a three fish per day format and it took over 40 pounds to win.. I am not sure what the exact weight was as it did not belong to me.. (Not uncommon) That's almost a 7 pound average.. Pretty salty.. The winners did have a 11 pound fish on day one I believe, and there was a fish almost eleven on Sunday also.

My partner and I started where we caught a lot of big fish last weekend, in School Bus creek. There were a LOT of boats in there, and a lot of our water was previously viewed before we go to it. I'm not sure if it made any difference or not, as fishing was pretty slow for us most of the morning.. By noon we had a lot of keepers, but none that were going to win you any money. We probably had about 10 pounds for three fish. I was starting to think about how it would be good to get home early on Sunday.. Then at 2:00 my partner caught a 8.25 beauty.. Which kicked us into a heavy grind to try and help that fish. But we were unable to improve as we fished right up to the wire and ended up weighing in just over 15 pounds of fish.. Not terrible but not what we had expected. And that put us in 15th place.. Not in the $$… And not unusual..

On Sunday morning we started out in the same area, and there was only one other boat in sight. And after a couple of hours we only had a two three pounders in the well, and were not feeling too cocky. But at about 10:30 I flipped in the right bush and was rewarded with a good fish. Didn't weigh her but figured her at about 7.5…. We were feeling a little better but fished about two more hours with only a one pound cull. I decided to do what usually screws me up, and make a huge deviation from the game plan. I knew there were good fish where we were fishing, but we could not get them to bite. So we decided to try an area where I had caught a lot of fish last fall, but hadn't fished in a long while. On my second pitch into a big bushy tree, I hooked a nice fish. And after a miracle net job in the middle of the bush with the line wrapped around everything, the hook fell out of the fishes mouth. Didn't weigh her either but figured her at a big six. Two flips later I caught a four in the next bush over.. Things were looking better. We continued catching fish, and about twenty minutes later I caught a five pounder. I figured we had about 17-18 pounds for the tree fish. We worked back thru the area again and I'll be darn if I didn't hook a BIG fish in the bottom of another tree. She took a couple chunks of drag and wrapped me up and it was all said and done.. I thought about getting mad.. But I figured I'd already been blessed getting the last two in.. But this fish was a difference maker..(There's always the one that got away)

We fished till quittin time again trying to cull the five, but it didn't happen. I was surprised at the scales though, when the biggest fish went 8.1, and the second was a big seven. We had a little over 20 pounds for the three. We ended up in fifth place overall, with just over 35 lbs for six fish.. Not a bad weekend of fishing. Even made expenses for a change.. By far the best bait for us was a Watermellon Red Brush Hog.. Lightly weighted, and fished in 5-7 feet of water. And this trip the fish were more in the bushes than on the hardwoods. We caught a lot of small fish on the Zoom Mag II in Plum. But one of the eights was caught on one also. Anyway we had a great time and if you get the chance to fish this event next year you should give it a try.. Falcon as a fishery is pretty much on fire and if you have the opportunity to get there you should take it. You will not be disappointed. There are a lot of big events coming to Falcon, and deservedly so.. It should be fun to watch what happens. See you on the water! James

Jimmy Steed and Richard Cremo took heavy stringer honors with a little over 43 Lbs (43.01 Lbs for six fish). Derek Cone and Andy Baker were second with 41.05 Lbs. They (Steed and Cremo)had a lot of fish Saturday & Sunday and most were caught on Senkos.Jimmy Steed estimated they caught over 75 fish. Richard Mim's team had a 11.08 LB big bass for Saturday. Big Bass Sunday was 10.84 Lbs weighed by Omar Dominguez and Ramiro Reyes. Altogether, 258 fish weighing 1081.30 lbs were caught for an average of 4.2 Lbs per fish. Thirty six fish over 4 lbs and 32 over 5 Lbs were weighed. The SureLife Catch and release biologists were in charge of the live release and they needled about 70% of the fish that were caught deep. A total of 47 lmits were weighed Saturday and 37 limits were weighed Sunday. A minimal number of the bass succumbed to the stress and deaths were minimized due to the involvement of Lane and Tony Gergely. Good Job Guys! The actual number of dead fish is not known as dead fish were not allowed to be weighed in and post weigh in mortality is always a concern. Serious thought should be given to rescheduling this tournament to a cooler month. Ed Calderone President TABC assisted with the weigh in and live release. His help and assistance was appreciated.

June 9-10, 2007: The Atascosa Bass Club fished Falcon this weekend. Lake water temperatures were about 85 degrees and temperatures Saturday were hot at 99 degrees before a wind change occurred and showers cooled the air temperatures. The bite was slow in the morning for most of the anglers but after the wind change the bite improved. Allen Parks caught an 8lb 8 Oz bass early on a sweet beaver but most of the other anglers settled for smaller bass to fill their limits.Plastic baits and crankbaits were the best producers and Carolina rigging was the best technique. Watermelon red and plum apple were the best colors.

Sunday was a bit more productive then Saturday and Shane Pfullman walked away wih heavy stringer honors with 32.60 Lbs for two day 10 fish weight. Dub Billings came in third with 29.99 Lbs and Ted Wayland was second with 31.32 Lbs.

May 26, 2007: South Texas Bass Anglers Association had their May tournament today and Ralph Celedone came in first with 27.9He also had the Big Bass weighing 9.80 Lbs and a couple of fish over 5.0 Lbs. Dale Ekins was second with 17.53 Lbs. Fred Vannoy came in third with 17.25 Lbs. "It did'nt seem to matter much what you threw because fish were hitting about everything." The better fish were deeper to about 10 ft. Thanks to Ralph Celedone for the report.

May 26, 2007: Universal City Bass Club had 25 members fish their May 26th Tournament. When the weighin was over it was Pat Martin putting it on the guys with 29.21 Lbs that included 5 fish over 4 Lbs and one 8.34 Lb big bass. Cris Bradfield was 2nd with 28.14 Lbs. Howdy Reinhart had fourth heavy stringer at 24.69 Lbs and his big bass weighed 10.93 Lbs. Larry Martin had the third heavy stringer weighing 25.96 Lbs with 4 patch fish over 4 lbs and he and Pat had heavy couples with 55.17 Lbs. Altogether the club caught 201 fish. The water temperature was about 73-80 degrees and the river was running raising the lake level over a foot since yesterday and spreading debris from the Veleno including floating trees and other debris to Marker 8. Pat caught the majority of her fish on watermelon red brush hogs. Howdy Reinhart caught the big bass on black and blue paddle tail worm in 10 ft of water and the rest of his fish hit the Sweet Beaver. The majority of the big fish were caught in 10 to 14 ft of water on ledges and submerged humps. Carolina rigged baits were best with Big crankbaits running a close second.

Sunday:The bite Sunday was not as good as Saturday and a nine pounder failed to take Howdy Rinehart's 10.93 Lber caught Saturday out of first place big bass. A number of fishermen and ladies were culling fish by early morning and the final results was a change in leaders for heavy stringer.Larry Martin was 1st with a two day 10 fish total of 47.36 Lbs. Sam McHardy was second with a very close 46.24 Lbs and Walter Vestal was third with 43.64 Lbs. Larry and Pat Marting took heavy couples honors with 88.51 Lbs and Howdy Rinehart and Stan McHardy took team Heavy Stringer with 70.93 Lbs.


South Texas 5 Bass Tournament had 21 teams and a good results. Joe Lancaster weighed in a 12.56 Lber for Big Bass of the tournament and weekend. Charlie Haralson and his partner Milton Menking narrowly out-ounced Jim Edward's 33.22 Lbs for first place Heavy Stringer of 33.67 Lbs. Joe Lancaster had 28.62 lbs for third heay Stringer Penny Herzog had ladies big bass weighing 6.22 Lbs and Ladies Heavy Stringer weighing 23.97 Lbs Crankbaits and Carolina Rigged plastics caught the most and the biggest fish on ledges in 15 to 17 ft of water








May 5, 2007: For the first weekend since April 14. 5 Bass Cubs held their May tournaments on Falcon. Helotes, SWRI and McAllen all weighed in at the State Park. Freedom Bass Club and SAPD Bass Busters weighed in at the Zapata County Ramp. On previous occasions we have complained to the Sheriff's office about the use of the launching ramp and adjacent parking area at the Zapata County Ramp by 3 wheeler, 4 wheeler and motorcycle traffic. They use the area as a playground impervious to the boat traffic. A SA tournament boat exiting off the boat ramp struck a motorcycle entering the ramp and who was not watching for outgoing traffic.Today several parked tow vehicles were also broken into. Why the Sheriff's department cannot patrol this area and address the problems especially on weekends is a mystery to us.This incident today is an example of what this problem with non-boat vehicles running rampant can escalate into. A few judicious tickets to the riders that run rampant over the boat parking areas might prevent some of the accidents that are happening or waiting to happen. Also patrol of the parking areas might make the perpetrators of the recurrent breaking into the tow vehicles less brazen.

Freedom Bass Club's Butch Drake had the heavy stringer weighing 29.1 lbs
Alex Gonzales
was second with 21.5 Oz and Bill Berry was third with 21.3 Oz. Butch Drake had the heavy bass weighing 7.4 Lbs together with patch fish of 5.7 and 6.3 Lbs. Most of the Freedom fisherman were using baby brush hogs Carolina rigged in 4 to 10 ft of water.

SAPD Bass Busters big bass weighed 9.25 Lbs and it was caught on a Zara Spook in about 8ft of water by Tommy Joiner. The heavy stringer weighed 26 .53 Lbs and was caught by Dean Amos on California Sweet Beavers. Shawn Markgraff was second with 24.69 Lbs and Robert Drzmalya was third with 23.90 Lbs.Susan Osbourne had ladies big bass weighing 6.51 Lb Ladies heavy stringer was Ann Drzmala with 17.53 Lbs. Sunday: The club's 24 anglers had a great day fishing and most anglers were culling fish by early morning. Aubrey Freeman Sr. had the two day heavy stringer with 42.39 Lbs. Aubrey Freeman Jr had the second heavy stringer with a very close 42.34 Lbs. Richard Flores was third with 37.82 Lbs and Susan Oborne had the heavy stringer for ladies with 25.39 lbs. Richard Flores weiged a 7.49 lb bass for the Big BASS Sunday

SWRI's Bass Busters had two fish over 9 lbs including a 9Lb fish by Jerry Campos and a 10.22 Lb plus by Jason Kalonski and a 29 lb and 26 Lbs heavy Stringers respectively. Their best 5 fish weighed just over 41 Lbs Sunday: Jerry Campos and his partner Jeff Kolanski held on to 1st and 2nd Heavy Stringer honor with 51.76 Lbs and 51.74 lbs Between the two fishermen they had 103 lbs and their best five fish weighed 41.36 Lbs. They were throwing GDD22 crankbaits and Carolina rigged baby brush hogs.

Helotes Bass Club heavy stringer winner for the two days was Bob Buchanan with 52.29 Lbs for10 fish. Danny Delhunt was second with 41.63 Lbs. Al Reyna was third with 35.27 lbs and Ngarm Ball was 4th with 34.59 Lbs. Richard and Ngarm Ball had the heavy stringer for a husband and wife with 65.65 lbs. Bob Buchanan had the Big Bass weighing 9.98 Lbs

Seventeen members from the McAllen Bass Anglers fished Falcon this weekend. Conditions were 20 mph winds out of the SE and 78 degree lake water temperature. Saturday was cloudy most og the day with temperatures about 84 degrees for a high. Snday temperatures peaked at about 99 degrees. The lake level has dropped to 266.10 ft only the two middle lanes of the launch ramp at the State Park were working with 3 to 6 foot in the channel. Joe Martinez had the heavy stringer of 44.74 lbs. He also had the big Bass weighing 10.5 Lbs. Jessie Warren was second with 39.38 Lbs and John Struthers was third with 38.65 Lbs. Altogether the club caught weighed and released 143 bass weighing 427 Lbs

April 14, 2007: San Antonio Bass Club weighed in at the state park for their 31 member tournament today and Tracy Tolbert had the heavy stringer weighing 16.05 Lbs. Woody Woodruff had the bg bass weighing 7.10 Lbs. In 2nd Heavy Stringer Richard Drake weighed 15.30 Lbs and Robert Pierce was third with 14.65 Lbs. Uvalde Bass Club had 26 fishermen at their tounament with a 3 :30 pm weighin. Cris Kinsey weighed havy stringer of 21.67 Lbs and an 8.38 Big Bass. Jim Surber was 2nd with 17.23 lbs and Jimbo Beard weighed 15 .21 lbs for third place heavy stringer. Most of the fish came from 8-ao ft of water on plastic baits.Canyon Bass Club's Donnie Collins caught a 13.02 Lb Big Bass during prefish that was picked up during the early morning hours Saturday and delivered to the TPW aquarium at San Marcos. The Jerrry Campos 14.28 Lber share lunker from December 2004 expired and I understand that the last two share lunkers from Choke Canyon and Amistad did not make it either. The fry from the donated fish are no longer returned to the host lake and when they get ready to release the fish they do not return the fish to the lake where it was capactured. Its angler choice. That's why we have stopped recomending entry into share a lunker. It is better to tske a picture and release the fish rather than loosing it from the gene pool.



Canyon Bass Club had 22 anglers fight the 35 mph wind gusts and 22mph straight line winds but their top heavyy stringer of 25.64 Lbs weighed by Mike Katzer was the heavy stringer for all three club.Jim Stewart was in 2nd place heavy stringer with 13.49 Lbs and Brooks Kersch had third place heavy stringer of 12.39 lbs and Big Bass of 6.70 Lbs. Kirk London had a 13.73 lb big bass last weekend prefishing for this weekend's tournament on a 10" Red Shad Power Worm. Altogether the Canyon Bass Club caught 51 bass weighing 118 Lbs. The fish were caught in 5 to 8ft of water in Mexican water starting about marker 13.



Sunday: San Antonio Bass Club weighed in day two of their Bass Tournament Sunday at 1:00 pm. Richard Drake won the Heavy Stringer honors with 38.30 Lbs. Rodney Marbach was 2md with 37.00 lbs and an 8:15 Lb Big Bass. Glenn Hahn was third with 27.85 Lbs. Roger York and Richard Drake weighed 63.45 Lbs for Heavy Boat. Payden Tolbert took youth Heavy Stringer honors.

Uvalde Bass Club held the weigh in for day two of their weekend tournament at 2:30 pm. High temperatures were 24 degrees and winds were gusting to 20 mph. Water temperature was 74 degrees. Most of the fish were caught in 8 to 10 ft of water. Jimbo Beard won day two Heavy Stringer with 23.05 lbs. and Mark Leinweber took 2nd Heavy Stringer with 21.97 Lbs.and Big Bass of 7.76 LB. Josh Hiler had the 3rd with 20.77 Lbs and Laura Langner had a 20.35 Lb Heavy Stringer and a 7.51 Lb anchor fish.Jimbo caught three of his fish on 10" red shad Power Worms and two on a Yum Big Dinger. Fish were caught on a variety of plastic baits and a few

crankbaits and spinnerbaits.













March 25, 2007: 42 fishermen contested the Southern Region Bass Federation Tournament at Falcon. The hands down winner was Frank Adams weighing a big bass of 8.84 Lbs and a heavy stringer of 21.59 Lbs Tim Griffin was in third place with 18.49 Lbs Heavy Stringer.Mannie Lackey weighed a 5.90 Lb and a 6.08 Lb bass to round out his 20.24 Lb Second heavy Stringer. Fishermen were catching fish on Magnum Watermelon Red Lizards, Brush Hogs, Chatterbaits and Bill Lewis 1 OZ Rat-L-traps in 72 degree water slightly stained to muddy with 28 Mph winds and 80 degree high temperatures.







March 24, 2007: 207 teams of fishermen launched at day light to contest the annual Falcon Bass Champs tournament. Because of a predicted continuation of yesterday's 41mph wind gusts, fishermen were allowed to trailer their rigs to the ramps closest to their intended fishing destinatons. Fishing started at 7:00 am and last cast was at 3:00 pm Scales were open for weighin until 4:45 PM. Winds were gusting to about 29 mph and temperatures were mild with high temperature reaching 82.5 degrees with a cooling cloud cover most of the day. The open launching policy obviated the necessity of unpleasant boat trips fighting high winds to make the weighin at Beacon Lodge,

Laredoans Nicolas Rocha and his partner Abelardo Lozoya weighed in the Heavy Stringer of 31.72 Lbs and the third big bass of 10.48 Lbs to win the top honors and a check for Twenty Thousand dollars. They caught all the fish off the same tree on watermelon Green and Pumpkinseed Brush HogsGerald Goff and Ed Matthews took 2nd Heavy Stringer honors with 30.24 Lb and they took home 10,000 dollars including the 5,000 dollar bonus for fishing out of a Skeeter boat.. They caught their fish flipping a pegged lizard in 5 -12 ft. Eric White caught the big bass of the tournament weighing 11.42 Lbs and earned a check for 1,000 dollars. The fish bit a Carolina Rigged watermelon red superfluke in 15 ft of water. The majority of the fish were caught on watermelon red brushhogs, Falcon Lake Tackle presented gift certigicates to the heavy stringer and big bass winners.

Magnuum 8" Lizards, Berkley 10" Power Worms. brush hogs and watermelon red sweet beavers were the most productive lures.The depth range in which most of the fish were caught was 12 ft to 2 ft but 8 to 10 ft was the most frequent depth producing fish. A few fish were caught on spinnerbaits and crankbaits. Altogether eleven fish were caught over 6 Lbs, 10 fish were caught weighing over 7 Lbs. 8 fish were caught over 9 Lbs, 5 fish were caught overover 10 Lbs and 1 over 11 Lbs.57 Teams weighed over 20 Lbs and 27 places received checks.

Complete Tournament Results

March 17, 2007: Atascosa Bass Club fished Falcon Saturday and Craig White had the Big Bass weighing 10.48 Lbs and heavy stringer weighing 27.71 LBS. Dub Billings was 2nd Heavy Stringer with 23.52 Lbs and Darrell Garza fishing at Choke had the Big Bass at 11.01 Lbs and 24.38 Lbs Heavy Stringer.

SUNDAY: Craig White had the two-day heavy stringer totalling 46.62 Lbs. Shane Pfullman was second with 37.3 Lbs and Ted Wayland was third with 36.32 Lbs. Darrell Garza's big bass from Saturday caught at Choke Canyon weighing 11.01 Lbs was big bass for the weekend. Altogether their were147 fish weighing 453.78 Lbs caught by 22 fishermen. 15 fish weighed over 4 lbs 2 fish over 10 lbs and 7 over 6 Lbs.

March 10-11, 2007: Fifteen club members participated in this McAllen Bass Anglers individual tournament. Saturday was a pretty nice day with mild winds from the Southeast. On Sunday the wind increased to 20-25 mph which made fishing difficult, but there were still lots of limits and several big fish caught, including some 7-8 pounders. Water temperature was 68-72 degrees. Most of the bass had apparently already spawned, although there were a few that still had eggs. Most fish were caught in anywhere from 3-17 feet of water. Congratulations go to new member Jessie Warren, for the 1st heavy stringer 35.79 Lbs, to Joe Martinez for the 2nd Heavy Stringer34.02 Lbs, and to J.D. Penny for the 3rd heavy stringer 33.28 Lbs. Altogether the anglers caught 115 bass weighing 321.59 Lbs.

March 3-4, 2007: There are no tournaments at Falcon this weekend. Lots of fishermen and women from out of state and out of town. A group of Amarillo fishermen caught two nine pounders yesterday. Water temperature has dropped with the cold front and some high winds are forecast for today with high temperatures in the lower seventies.

February 24-25, 2007: Six clubs are hosting club tournaments at Falcon this weekend. Two clubs from Austin the River City Bass Club and Austin Bass Clubs, Two clubs from San Antonio Texas the Helotes Bass Club and the San Antonio Bass Anglers, South Texas Bass Anglers and Atascosa Bass Club and Humpie Howie are all hosting tournaments at Falcon, Prefishing was good for most anglers but 9 1/2 lbs was the big bass landed and it reportedly hit a jig, Fish were caught on brush Hog and Magnum Lizards in Watermelon Red and Sweet Beavers in the same color. lots of good fish were caught in 63 to 68 degree water. Atascosa Bass Club weighed in 23.36 Lbs for heavy stringer by Craig White and Tinker Pfullman had the Big Bass weighing 8.69 Lbs. Dick Mittnick was second heavy stringer with 19.46 Lbs Sunday: Craig White's two day total was 34.16 Lbs and Keith Sutherland weighed in 33.72 Lbs. Shane Pfullman suffered a blown motor on his boat and still managed to weigh in 27.21Lbs for the two days thanks to some buddy chips he called in with Keith Sutherland. Roger Dove had the Heavy Stringer weighing 36.81 Lbs Jim Marsh was second with 35.93Lbs Heavy Stringer. Pat White had 29.49 Lbs for ladies heavy stringer with a 6.88 Lb kicker bass.

South Texas Bass Anglers Cris Pike had the heavy stringer Saturday weighing 34.86 Lbs and the Big Bass weighing 7.62 Lbs. Jim Burgess was second with 20.37 Lbs and Dan Lejman was third with 20.04 LbsRiver City Bass Club had 51 Angler's contest the tournament and the team weights for Saturday were 44.59 Lbs 1st Heavy Stringer Garrett Nelson and Justin Pollei with a 10.25 Lb Anchor bass, Wake and Jake Eastman father and son with 34.37 Lbs and Andy Zavala and Kanena Foeitas were third with 33.68 Lbs. Luke Larsen weighed in 19.19 Lbs with a 6.54 Kicker fish. SUNDAY:Robert Johnson had the Sunday heavy Stringer weighing 23.97 LBS with a 7.30 Kicker fish. Marcus Slade weighed in a 8.66 Lber for Big Bass.

Austin Bass Club's 20 anglers weighed in at County Ramp. The first place Saturday heavy stringer of 40.54 Lbs was weighed by Martin Jakubowsky and Brian Koraska wth a 7.55 lb anchor fish. Second place team Mike and Nicholas weighed in 36.34 lbs with a 8.24 Lb Big Bass. Third place was 30.48 Lbs. Sunday: John Givens caught the big bass of the weekend for all clubs weighing 11.34 Lbs with a 24.63 Heavy Stringer. Brian Koraska and Jake Jakubowsky took the weekend two day team heavy stringer honors with 68.73 Lbs. John Givens and his partner had the second place heavy stringer weighing 61 .72 Lbs. Ray Ceder and Randy Roe were third with 61.42 Lbs Mike Shields and Keith Nichols were fourth with 58.31 Lbs. Altogether, the Club caught 166 fish weighing 474.88 Lbs

Fish were located in 2 to 12 ft of water on hardwoods and humps and brush hogs, magnum lizards and Sweet Beavers caught the most fish. Five to eight foot of water was the dominant depth in water warmed to 68 degrees by the afternoon. Air temperatures reached 86 degrees and winds gusted to 23 mph on Sautuday. Sundays weather was a little lighter for winds and temperatures reached 78 degreesThe bigger bass were located in 5 to 10 ft of water and have not yet moved to the shallows in preparation for spawning. The buck bass were prevalent in the shallows. Magnum watermelon red Zoom Lizards and Zoom Brush Hogs in the same color produced the biggest fish.

Helotes Bass Club's Brennie Farley caught and released her all time best and biggest bass weighing 9.23 Lbs. Penny Caro had the big bass weighing 9.32 Lbs. Denny Delahunt had a 9#10 Oz bass and the heavy stringer for Saturday of 26.30 followed by Al Reyna with 23.96 Lbs and Charlie Parchman with 21.38 Lbs. Charles Parchman had an 8.99 Lb bass Sunday:Richard Ball had 2 day Heavy Stringer with 43.13 Lbs and Al Reyna was second with 38.12 lbs Bob Buchanan was third heavy stringer with 37 .91 Lbs Altogether the club's 19 fishermen and women weighed in 562.82 Lbs with an average weight of 3.61 Lbs for the 156 fish caught. Ngarm Ball weighed 31.94 Lbs for heavy stringer ladies.Richard and Ngarm had heavy couples with 75.07 Lbs. Their were 24 limits of fish caught and 34 patch fish. Overall the club was elated with the results.









February 17-18, 2007: Uvalde and Ingram Bass Clubs contested their February Tournaments on Falcon this weekend. Heart of Texas Bass Club from Austin was here also but we failed to make their weighin. We understand that Sophal Korng weighed the Heavy Stringer of 18.64 Lbs and the big Bass of 7.74 lbs Saturday. Sunday was a different story. Sophal 's fish were not there on Sunday and he weighed only one fish for 1.49 lbs. Scott zMeads hadd the Sunday HS of 24.49 Lbs hi top four fish weighed 6.06, 5.93, 5.50 and 5.33 Lbs.His partner Mike Braley weighed 12.98 Lbs.Jerry Eller weighed a big bass of 6.29 lbs and a second heavy stringer of 15.35 Lbs. The Watermelon Red Hoodaddy caught most of Scott's fish.

Ingram Bass Club's Ronnie Gazaway weighed in the heavy stringer weighing 21.11 Lbs with a 7.51Lb Big Bass His partner Chad Parker weighed in 9.10 Lbs for Heavy Boat weight of 30 .21 lbs. Ronnie Gazaway had the Sunday Heavy Stringer for 7.80 Lbs

Uvalde Bass Clubs Jimbo Beard had the Club HS Saturday of 20.80 Lbs Josh Hiler hd the second HS weighing 19.62 Lbs Richard Villareal had the third Heavy Stringer of 15.92 Lbs and the Big Bass weighing 7.50 Lbs Jimbo caught his fish off points in 18 ft of water on red shad 10" Power Worms. Richard's bass came from 8 ft of water on the hardwoods.
Brush Hogs in Watermelon Red caught the most fish.

SUNDAY:Sam Smith had the BB for Sunday weighing 7.25 Lbs. it came from 13 ft of water on a Watermelon Red Brush Hog.Jimbo Beard had the 2nd Heavy Stringer weighing 15.57 Lbs with a 5.31Lb Kicker fish and Josh Hiler weighed in the Heavy Stringer of 20.28 lbs with 6.49 lb and 5.20 Lb kicker fish.Laura Langer had Heavy Stringer Ladies weighing 8.96 Lbs

A group of anglers prefishing for next weekend's Humpie Howie Tournament caught a 10 # Black in the Salinillas on a pearl white Brush Hog in about 12 ft of water




February 10-11, 2007: San Antonio Police Department Bass Busters and the Universal City Bass Clubs hosted their February Tournaments at Falcon this weekend. Aubrey Freeman Sr. took Saturday's Heavy stringer honors weighing 22.49 Lbs with 7.51# and 6.44 # kicker fish. Robert Drzymala weighed the second heavy stringer of 22.90 Lbs and Richard Flores was third with 22.47 lbs. Susan Osborne took ladies heavy stringer with 15.86 Lbs and Susan's son,Ryan Osborne, took youth honors with 3.77 #. Richard Flores caught his fish in 12 ft of water on Sweet Beaver 5.20 Watermelon Red purchased at Falcon Lake Tackle on Friday. Some of the other fishermen found the fish shallow in 2 ft of water on Zoom Magnum Lizards and brush hogs in Watermelon Red. A few fish were caught on spinnerbaits. Chart and white double willow blades were the best spinnerbaits.

Sunday: Richard Flores and his big Sweet Beavers hung on for first Place Heavy Stringer with 41.29 Lbs. Aubrey Freeman Sr. Was a very close second with 38.54 #. Robert
Drzymala was in hot pursuit with 38.07#. Shawn Markgraf beat out Dean Amos's 7.87 Saturday's Big Bass with his 8.46 lber and Ann Drzymala weighed in her first winning tournament weight for ladies at 34.70 Lbs with 5 lb and 7 lb kicker fish. Her Sunday stringer included 4 patch fish. Ryan Osborn won the juniors1st place heavy stringer. 9 Anglers had in excess of 30 Lb stringers for tthe two days. Sunday's temperature was a little warmer than Saturday. Winds were light but rain turned to mist about mid morning and persisted most of the day. High temperatures reached 51.8 degrees Sunday compared to 47 degrees on Saturday. Heavy Stringers came out of the Salinillilas. The SAPD Bass Busters will be hosting their 28th Annual Big Bass Tournament at Choke Canyon Saturday March 3ed. Ist place is guaranteed $2000 and they have over $1000 in door prizes. With a $65 dollar entry fee, participants are able to recover the entry fee in fishing gear and equipment offered as door prizes.In addition there are 6 hourly $150 Big bass prizes. Launching and weighin is at Caliham Park.You can contact Robert Drzymala at 210-389-7213 or Susan Osborne at 210-771-7999 for entry forms or information. Thanks to Pam Barnes for some of the pictures

Universal City Bass Club: Alan Parks caught the Big Bass Saturday weighing 9 .61 Lbs his 21.42 LBs heavy string was just short of the winning heavy stringer of 24.00 Lbs weighed by Emile LaRose. Emile's big bass weighed north of 8 Lbs.

SUNDAY: Saturday's big bass were dwarfed by the Sunday Big Bass weighed in by Walter Vestal at 10.79 lbs Jeff Mergle had the second Big Bass weighing 9.29 Lbs. Jenny and Jeff weighed in a total of 66.80 Lbs to claim Heavy Stringer Couples honors.Emile La Rose weighed the Heavy stringer of 45.58 lbs for the two days and Jeff Mergle was a very close Second Heavy Stringer with 44.25 Lbs. Mark Daymude was third with 36.91 Lbs. Pat Martin took ladies Heavy Stringer with 26.61 Lbs

Emile and his partner Terry Frost took heavy boat honors with 69.75 Lbs.Altogether the club caught 313 fish weighing 959.32 Lbs








February 3-4, 2007; American Bass Anglers Tournament Day 1 of the two day ABA tournament was contested Saturday BY 17 Anglers and John Goin walked away with heavy stringer honors with five fish weighing 21.82 LBS with an 8.08 anchor. These fish were caught in the Salinillas. Bob Ballard weighed the big bass for the day at 9.47 Lbs Dan Lejman weighed 14.56 Lbs for 2nd heavy stringer and a 4.77 Lb anchor fish. Sweet Beavers caught the big Fish but the most fish were caught on watermelon red and watermelon candy brush hogs in 10 ft of water. Lake water temperature was about 55 degrees and ambient air temperature was about the same at 55 degrees. Winds were light most of the day. Tomorrow will be day 2 tournament and fish caught will be weighed separate from day one's catch.

SUNDAY: 14 Anglers vied for Heavy Stringer in the day 2 tournament. Mannie Lackey weighed in heavy stringer of 23.90 lbs with a 8.35 2nd big Bass to win the day 2 tournament. Mark Louthan fishing with big bass leader of Day 1 Bob Ballard had second heavy stringer of 14,37 with a big bass of 9.42 Lbs for Day 2
tournament big bass. Anglers reported a lot of 3 lb bass in the back of coves suspended in the hardwoods. Anglers culled as many as five limits on Sweet Beaver knock offs.

SWRI Bass Busters Club's Frankie West took 2-day, Heavy-Stringer honors with 35 Lbs and Jerry Campos was a close 2nd with 33 Lbs. Mike Spenser narrowly came in third with 32 LBS. Joe Maskall had the 2-day, Big-Bass of 9.02 Lbs. Some anylers prefishing for next weekend's tournament had a 10Lb 2Oz bass in the Salinillas on a watermelon Red Brush Hog..


January 27-28, 2007: San Antonio Bass Club and Atascosa Bass Clubs contested their January Tournaments at Falcon and they were combating a slow bite courtesy of 49-55 degree lake water temperatures. The water upriver from Beacon has turned off muddy due to last week's rains but the upper,mid and lower lake water quality is still good. Atascosa 's heavy stringer of 22.40 Lbs was weighed by Tinker Pfullman and he also had the Big Bass of 8,54 Lbs. Craig White had the third Big Bass of 7.28 Lbs and second heavy stringer of 16.76 Lbs. Shane Pfullman had third Heavy Stringer of 15.40 Lbs and Rene Garza had the second Big Bass of 7.57 Lbs and Ted Wayland had the fourth Heavy Stringer of 15.12 lbs. The big fish were caught on sweet beaver plastic lures in 8 ft to 20 ft of water.

Sunday: Tinker Pfullman held on for first place Heavy Stringer with 38.2 Lbs.Craig White was second with 29.04 Lbs and 3ed heavy Stringer was Terry Vrana with 27.11 lbs

San Antonio Bass Club had 30 fisherman vying for heavy stringer/big bass honors. Marshal Drake caught the big bass weighing 5.50 Lbs and he had the second heavy stringer weighing 14.25 Lbs. Tracy Tolbert had 16.50 Lbs for first place heavy stringer.

Sunday: Tracy Tolbert held on for 2 day, heavy-stinger honors with 24.35 Lbs. Carter Thompson captured second heavy stringer with 17.25 Lbs and Dr. Richard Drake overtook his son with 5 fish Sunday to give him a third place heavy stringer of 16.50 Lbs. The big new was Matt Poarch's 9.15 Lb big bass caught on a watermelon red paddle tail worm purchased at Falcon Lake Tackle. Marie Rose Holiday took the Ladies Heavy Stringer honors with 3.45 Lbs. Other successful lures catching fish on Sunday were the Sweet Beaver and the Zoom Magnum Watermelon Red Lizard. Sunday's water temperature rose to 56 degrees and water clarity was good. Winds were cool out of the North to 18 MPH.Many of the anglers commented that the bite was very light.Heavy Team honors went to Bob and Glenn Hahn with 28.3 Lbs.

Sonny Osborne Sr and Jr were here Saturday prefishing for next months SAPD Tournament. Sr had 18 # Heavy stringer and Jr weighed a 31 Lbs heavy Stringer. They fished both sides of the lake on the lower mid and upper lake.




January 20-21, 2007 Rebel Bass Club San Antonio Tx brought 11 anglers to brave the chilling weather and contest their January event. Morning temperatures were 42 degrees and warmed to 50 degrees by weigh in. Wimds gusted to 22 degrees making it feel cooler than it was. The lake water temperature dropped to 46 degrees and fishing was a challenge even though the heavy stringer weighed by Troy Lynn was a very respectable 19.90 Lbs and the big bass weighed 8 .68 lbs. Troy Zipperer had the second heavy stringer weighing 18.71 Lbs and his big bass weighed 7.27 Lbs. Third and fourth heavy stringers weighed 14.68 and 14.48 Lbs respectively. Alex caught his fish on a jig in the hardwoods in about 10 ft of water. Some fish came off spinnerbaits in about 8 ft of water and magnum lizards produced a few good fish.Launching is still working OK but the trailer has to be backed a long way out to float and load the boat.

SUNDAY:Troy Lynn caught a limit of big bass on a crankbait out of a tigers brush pile and weighed 21.65 Lbs for heavy sringer with a 7.06 big bass to take two day heavy stringer honors with 41,55 lbs. The other day 1 leaders failed to get on the fish and Ed Manning weighed in second heavy stringer at 20.90 Lbs.


I snapped the following picture of one of the fishermen loading after the tournament. The County ramp requires that the trailer be backed out a long way into the water to float boats off and to load effectively. Oso Blamco is still able to launch as is Beacon. The State Park ramp is still working well for loading and launching.



January 13-14, 2007:Three Bass Clubs Uvalde, Alamo and McAllen Bass Anglers held their club events on Falcon this weekend. Uvalde Bass Club's heavy stringer was weighed by Xavier Ybarra for 20 lbs. The big bass weighed 8 lbs and was caught by Jimbo Beard. He had the second heavy stringer weighing 19 lbs. Pete Arredondo had the third heavy Stringer weighing 17 lbs. Ricky McNeil had the second big bass weighing 6.73 lbs. A total of 23 Anglers fished the tournament.A number of the anglers found fish up the river in the coves and creeks. Jimbo wrecked his boat coming in off the lake when the hot foot hung up and ran him aground. Jimbo was sent to the hospital for observation. His new ranger suffered some sever damage.

Sunday:Karl Gager had the Big Bass for Sunday weighing 7.28 Lbs. Lucas Hiler hd the heavy stringer weighing 19.43 Lbs Cris Kinsey had the second heavy stringer weighing 17.62 Lbs and Mark Leinweber was third with 16.06 Lbs.

The Alamo Bass Club had `17 members fishing and they based out of the State Park. Art Tabler had the heavy stringer weighing 37.79 Lbs. The second, third and fourth heavy stringers weighed 37.56, 32.50 and 31.30 Lbs. The big bass caught by Westin Hiatt weighed 6.89 Lbs. Brian jones and Becky Sexon had the couples heavy stringer weighing 59.50 lbs. Most of the fish came from 4 to 8 ft of water on spinnerbaits and magnum lizards. Lake water temperature was 64 degrees and water was stained.

McAllen Bass Anglers had 14 fishermen contest the January 13-14 tournament.Joe Martinez got the year's first win with 35.03 lbs for 6 fish. Oscar Ramirez was second witth 32.58 Lbs and Al Malone had the tournament big bass weighing 7 Lbs and third Heavy Stringer weighing 31.56 Lbs. The female fish were moving shallower and most of the fish were caught in 4-6 ft of water on plastic creature baits.The 7 Lber was caught in 3 1/2 ft of water.





South Texas 5 January 7, 2007: Twenty two teams contested Falcon's first tournament of 2007 Sunday. Fish were located deep in 12 to 14 ft depths and shallow in as little as two-three foot of water. They were caught primarialy on watermelon red plastic baits and the shallow fish were showing good egg formation and bloody tails. The water temperature was 59 degrees Sunday dropping from 62 degrees Saturday. One of the participants Pat Ball found his fish on the rocks and in adjacent trees along the river channel. Here is a tip. His best bite came from dead sticking the brush hogs in 8 to 12 ft of water. Wind was less than yesterday especially early but it got up by weigh in and those fishing in the Salinilias, where the most big fish were caught, had a rough ride back to Zapata.

Charles Haralason fishing by himself weighed the heavy stringer for 31.00 Lbs and the Team of Fowler and Fowler had the big bass weighing 10.68 Lbs. Emily Ball had the ladies big bass.

The team of Ralph Celedone/Fred Vannoy had the second heavy striinger weighing 25 lbs and there were a number of fish caught over 8 lbs including a 9.02 Lber by Derick Kuyrkendal who was fishing with Jim Edwards. They came in third with 24.20 Lbs




Quality Bass Club-December 9-10, 2006: Rainy, cold weather greeted the 14 fisherman from Quality as well as the 17 members from SWRI and Atascosa Bass Clubs this weekend at Falcon. Lake water temperatures were in the 56-58 degree range which had many of the big fish suspended in about 12 ft in 20-25 ft of water. The outside air temperature topped out at 47 degrees. Mike Robbins had the big bass for Quality weighing 8.37 lbs and his stringer was just about 1/2 lb under Robert Dunlap's heavy stringer of the day weighing 17.03 Lbs. The big bass was caught on a Watermelon Red Zoom Brush Hog.

Sunday: The ambient temperature went up to 59 degrees and cnditions were good with no moisture and light winds. The big bass from yesterday weighing 8.37 Lbs held for the weekend and Miike Robbins continued on the fish to win first place heavy stringer with 23.99 Lbs. Robert Dunlap came in second with a very close 23.69 Lbs. Cal Biendorf was third with 18.25 Lbs.

Atascosa Bass Club had a 20.37 Lbs heavy stringer weighed by Shane Pfullman and the second heavy stringer was caught by Craig White weighing 17.19 Lbs. Shane had the big bass weighing 6.36 lbs.

Sunday: Sunday was a good day for Joe Lancaster. Although he was a guest, his heavy stringer weighed right at 28 Lbs and his big bass weighed a whopping 12.53 Lbs. Shane Pfullman came in with the heavy stringer honors for the club weighing 20.37 Lbs. Craig was second. The big bass was caught in 5 ft of water on a California colored 4.20 Sweet Beaver from Falcon Lake Tackle. Thanks to Craig White for the Joe Lancaster picture.

SWRI Bass Buster's Bobby West had the big bass of all clubs on Saturday weighing 8.52 Lbs and his heavy stringer weighed 32.00 Lbs. Floyd Dietzman had the second heavy stringer weighing 19.34 Lbs and Jerry Campos was forth with 17.64 Lbs, narrowly missing third place weight of 18.06 Lbs turned in by Doug Black. Watermelon Red Zoom Magnum Lizards caught the most fish but super flukes and brush hogs were also catching fish.

Sunday: On Sunday Jerry Campos caught a 10 1/2 Lb Big Bass and his Heavy stringer weighed 29 Lbs (Five Fish). She was caught in the Salinilias on an 8" Watermelon Red Zoom Magnum Lizard. His two day heavy stringer weighed 47 Lbs just 5 lbs short of the winning 52 Lb stringer weighed by Bobby West. Doug Black was third with 37 Lbs.

Thanks to Frankie West and Jerry Camos for the picture of the 10 1/2 Lber.

The Zoom Magnum Lizards and Brush Hogs have been two of the best baits for big bass this winter. Plum Apple colored Brush Hogs and Magnum lizards have also been working well. The GDD22 Norman Crankbaits in Bull Bream have been working well as have the Firetiger 150 and Black/Red 131 Colored Cankbaits. Spinnerbaits have not been among the best producing baits so far.

Universal City Bass Club-November 18, 19, 2006: The UCBC Bass Club contested the first leg of their tournament Saturday and there were a lot of 4-10 lb fish caught, weighed and released. The big bass Saturday weighed 10.02 Lbs and it was caught by Weldon Pierce. His total weight was 20.89 Lbs, which was third heavy stringer. David Cole had the Heavy Stringer for 25.51 Lbs which incuded several 7 and 8 Lbers. Marc Daymude had two 7 Lb and one 5 lb fish giving him second Heavy Stringer of 24.47 Lbs. The second Big Bass was caught by Steve Worley weighing 9.28 Lbs

Top Heavy Stringer for the ladies was Ginger Reynolds with a 8.91 Lb BB and 18 .00 Lbs Heavy Stringer.

Sunday: Another beautiful day fishing Falcon greeted our participants.High temps were 76 degrees and winds were light gusting to 17mph. David Cole turned in a good weight giving him heavy stringer honors of 41.12 Lbs. Steve Worley weighed a very respectable 40.89 lbs for 2nd heavy stringer and Emile LaRose was third with 36.68 Lbs. Weldon Pierce held on with his 10.02 Lb bass for Big Bass. The Pierce' s took heavy couple honors with 60.61 Lbs. Youth male winner was Jason Kalinoski and Katie Mergele took the heavy youth female honors. David Cole and Debbie Howard took heavy boat honors with 62.35 Lbs. Altogether, there were 258 fish caught weighing 741 Lbs.

Big Bass were caught on Zoom Brush Hogs and Magnum Lizards in Watermelon Red Color. The Sweet Beaver lures in 4.20 Sprayed Grass were also working for Steve Worley and his two lunker bass both were caught using this bait. Bumpy Jurica had the big bass of the day Sunday weighing 9.77 Lbs.

Until next time, have a good day on the water and always practice catch and release.



McAllen Bass Anglers November 11-12th, 2006: Fourteen McAllen Bass Angler members fished Falcon this weeknd
and they caught 257# of Bass. Eddie Kucia was the 2 day heavy stringer winner with 35.99 Lbs of fish. His 2 day stringer was anchored by the big bass of the year weighing 10.67 Lbs. Oscar Ranirez took the second place heavy stringer honors with 35.33 Lbs and Joe Martinez took third heavy stringer with 27.8 lbs.

Sunday's fishing conditions were superior and fishermen caught 58 fish weighing 157 lbs compared to Saturday's catch of 30 fish weighing 100 Lbs.

Thanks to Al Malone for the report.

Circuito Interacional Fronterizo de Pesca de Lobina (Bass Border Trail) November 11-12. 2006: The International Bass Border Trail kicked off its 4 tournament circuit at Falcon this weekend, but day 1 of the tournament was cancelled due to high winds. The launching held off the Mexican Point in Nuevo Guerrero was compromised by the high North winds. The Sunday leg of the tournament was held as scheduled as winds layed down and eventually changed to the SE. Jorge Gonzalez and Sergio Villarreal from the Laredos International Bass Fishing Team captured heavy stringer honors with 27.58 Lbs and Jorge had the big bass weighing a reported whopping 14.95 Lbs. The second big bass weighed 11.9 Lbs and was caught by Rene Gonzalez/Sergio Herrera who also claimed second heavy stringer honors.

The big 14.95 Lber came from the Marker 9 area on the Mexico side and it hit a Zoom Brush Hog in Watermelon Red in about ten foot of water. The second leg of the tounament circuit will be held December 9th and 10th at Las Blancas and the third leg will be held at Sugar lake on January 20th and 21st. The fourth and final leg will be the Championship, February 17th and 18th.It will be held at the best producing lake of the first three tournaments and the top 20 tournament anglers from the initial three tournaments will be elgible.

Fifty-nine teams attended the Falcon Tournament. Thanks to Jorge Gonzalez & Sergio Herrera for the report and pictures.

Austin Bass Club-November 11-12, 2006: Sixteen anglers from Austin and the surrounding area held their November tournament on Falcon this weekend. A front blew in Friday night late, dropping temperatures and increasing the winds to 37 mph. By launch, the winds had dropped down to about 25 mph and a few hours later, winds were straight line at about 10-15 mph. Fishing was slow to average with water temps in the 72 to 74 degree range. The big bass were not too receptive, but there were several fish caught by anglers over 8 lbs. There were 5, 10-fish limits weighed.

Chris Badkins had the big bass of the day weighing 8.67 Lbs. Sean Ramsey and Keith Nichols's 31.76 Lbs narrowly missed the heavy stringer mark of Chris Badkins and Tim Spencer of 35.20 Lbs. Jim Sparks and Ronnie Scott were in third place with 27.54 Lbs.. Plastic 5" Zoom lizards, 6" Zoom Brush Hogs and Zoom Super Flukes caught the most fish. Some fish bit the DLN Crankbaits in firetiger color. Watermelon red was the best color for plastics. 5 teams weighed in limits of 10 fish.

Sunday: It was a Chamber of Commerce Sunday with light winds, moderate temperatures and a good bite. First, second and third place team heavy-stringer weights for 2 day, 10 fish were Chris Badkins and Ti m Spencer 65.24 Lbs, Ronnie Scott and Jim Sparks second place heavy stringer of 56.34 Lbs narrowly beating out Sean Ramsey and Keith Nichols third place, 2-day heavy stringer of 51.63 Lbs. Tim Spencer held on for top individual, 2-day weight with 37.23 Lbs with his 20.06 Lbs Sunday Heavy Stringer.

Chris Badkins's 8.67 Lb Bass from Saturday held on for big bass honors. Tim Spencer had Sunday's big bass weighing 7.55 Lbs. Watermelon red and green pumpkin magnum lizards were working well on Sunday.

Until next time, have a good day on the water and always practice catch and release



Atascosa Bass Club-October 28-29, 2006; Craig White was leading the Atascosa Bass Club day one event with 23.16 Lbs. His wife Patricia has the big bass of 9.08 Lbs and is in 4th place for heavy stringer honors with 19.89 Lbs. Shane Pfullman and Dub Billings are in 2nd and 3rd place respectively after day 1.

SUNDAY: The blow was on Sunday, at least part of the day. Fishing was a bit off from Saturday, but Shane Pfullman came out on top wth a heavy stringer of 41.25 Lbs for 10 fish. Craig White came in second with 40.45 Lbs and Patricia White was third with 33.73 Lbs. Her 9.08 Lb big bass held for Big Bass honors. Seventeen fisherman caught 128 fish weighing 343.85 Lbs. There were 15 fish over four pounds caught.

Thanks to Craig White for the report and picture.




October 21-22, 2006-O.P.E.C. Legacy Tournament: Eighty-six participating teams launched the first day of the 13th Annual charity tournament to benefit the Falcon State Park. Cool weather and light winds greeted the participants and all signs were positive for a good tournament, at least for the first day. Jim Edwards and Jim Raulsten were the day 1 heavy stringer leaders with 24.12 Lbs for their best three fish. Their three big bass all weighed about 8 Lbs. Mutt McNeil fishing with Bruce Fox had the big bass of the day weighing 10.06 Lbs. Their 23.10 Lb heavy stringer put them in third place for heavy stringer, out ounced by Tim Blanchett and his partner with 23.70 Lbs. Mutt McNeil received a gift certificate from Falcon Lake Tackle for 1st day big bass and so did Jim Edwards and Jim Raulsten for 1st day heavy stringer.

Sunday: Sunday conditions were wet and cool. Light rain was falling over Falcon in the morning. Temperatures started the day at 60 degrees, but as the morning progressed, temperatures dropped to 56 degrees. Congratulations to Edwards and Raulsten who held on for first place, 2-Day Heavy Stringer with 53.6 lbs. That is almost a 9 lbs per fish average for their 6 fish.


Perez and Perez had second heavy stringer weighing 45.55 Lbs and Vaden/Wagner had third heavy stringer of 39.8 Lbs. They also had Sunday's Big Bass which was Big Bass of the tournament weighing 12.24 Lbs. All together, 1511.92 Lbs of Bass were weighed.

Jim Edwards (Picture upper right) and Jim Raulsten (Picture upper center) received another Gift Certificate from Falcon Lake Tackle for Sunday's Heavy Stringer and 2-Day Heavy stringer and Vaden/Wagner received a Gift Certificate for Sunday's and Tournament Big Bass.